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Re: stubborn linux users on facebook groups

Post by Spearmint2 » Mon Dec 04, 2017 6:06 pm

nubipengen wrote:
Spearmint2 wrote:If they are bashing, then ban them immediately. If they are asking for help on another distro, consider it a compliment. It means they have more confidence in Mint users for answers to their problem than their on distro specific forums.
thanks, but there are too many such people who made the linux mint groups cluttered with too many non-linux mint topics.
for normal people, joining a linux mint group means that they are going to discuss linux mint-related topics.
Hmm, Facebook. People seem to look at it as an expanded Twitter type of system. I don't think Facebook lends itself as well to a forum like situation. Personally I hate Facebook and use it as little as possible. Anywhere you go on it, anywhere you look, all is tracked and suddenly hundreds of new "possible friends" get crammed in front of you. I use it only when necessary.
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