Report: Windows 10 S could be the default mode for future Windows 10 PCs

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michael louwe
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Report: Windows 10 S could be the default mode for future Windows 10 PCs

Post by michael louwe » Tue Feb 06, 2018 6:27 am ... sions.html (5 Feb 2018 - Report: Windows 10 S could be the default mode for future Windows 10 PCs)
. ... p-revealed (3 Feb 2018 - Exclusive: New Windows 10 Consumer SKU Roadmap Revealed)
Below is a breakdown of the SKUs:

Entry: Intel Atom/Celeron/Pentium ≤ 4GB RAM & ≤ 32GB SSD AND ≤ 14.1” screen size (NB), ≤ 11.6” (2in1, Tablet), ≥ 17” AiO
Value: Intel Atom/Celeron/Pentium ≤ 4GB RAM & ≤64GB SSD & ≤ 14.1” screen size (EM ≤ 4GB RAM & ≤64GB SSD or ≤ 500GB HDD)
Core: Cannot be used on devices that meet the Core+ and Advanced SKU Hardware Specifications
Core +: High end CPU and >4 GB RAM (All Form Factors) ≥8 GB RAM & ≥1080p screen resolution (NB, 2in1, AiO) >8 GB RAM & ≥2TB HDD or SSD storage (Desktop)
Advanced: Intel Core i9 (any configuration) OR Core i7 ≥ 6 Cores (any RAM) OR AMD Threadripper(any configuration) OR Intel Core i7 >16GB (any Cores) or AMD FX/ Ryzen7 >16GB (any Cores) OR ≥ 4K screen resolution (any processor, includes 4K UHD-3840 resolution

Pricing for the SKUs is as follows: Advanced ($101), Core + ($86.66), Core ($65.45), Value ($45), and Entry ($25). Also, Windows 10 S is dead, it’s now Windows 10 S mode and the baseline SKU will be going away but each version will have an S mode.

What Microsoft is doing here, which isn’t too different from what they have done in the past, is that they charge more money for a Windows 10 license based on the hardware that is included. If you are buying a rig that is more powerful, the license costs more but for an entry-level device, the prices drop significantly.

Starting on April 2nd, these new SKUs and pricing will go into effect with the new pricing for Home Advanced going into effect on May 1st.
. ... s-line-up/ (3 Feb 2018 - Microsoft to add new Windows 10 Home editions to its line-up)
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

What the new policy by M$ likely means is that from April 2018 onwards, all new OEM Windows computers will come only in OEM Win 10 Home/Pro in S Mode, which can be upgraded to the normal OEM Win 10 Home/Pro later. The upgrade for Win 10 Home S will be free. M$ want to push and lock more people into their M$ Store.

Linux Mint users may need to replace their Linux Mint computers with new OEM Win 10 Home computers, ie to be then installed with LM either as single-boot or dual-boot system. The above new policy by M$ will affect such replacements.
....... Hopefully, there will be more new and cheaper OEM computers available that come without any OS preinstalled or with FreeDOS preinstalled.

As per M$ new policies for OEM Volume Licensing, most new budget Win 10 Home S laptops will fall into the Core SKU category, ie >64GB hard-drives, which will cost US$65.45 per OEM license. This license cost will be included in the price tag of the OEM laptops. This will be an increase of about US$40 from today's OEM license cost for Win 10 Home which is about US$30.

P S - The high-end transferable Retail Win 10 Home license costs US$119 each - usually bought by those who build their own computers.

mike acker
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Re: Report: Windows 10 S could be the default mode for future Windows 10 PCs

Post by mike acker » Tue Feb 06, 2018 8:33 am

my first impression here was -- yea -- they finally "get it" -- i.e. they recognize the need to take care what apps are installed -- like Apple does for the iPhone -- like we do here with the Mint programs library --

I've seen too many windows apps packaged with bloat-ware and then offered for download on what one would hope were reputable sources. what a mess.

but then heck-- it's why we're here: better quality software: secure and without the commercialism.

IMHO "windows" -- is beyond repair: it carries too much legacy baggage in order to provide compatibility and ease of use.

Today I keep a Win 8.1 guest under Oracle/VirtualBox. This is for Turbotax and my Epson V500 scanner, and for Photoshop/Elements. I only need Elements to answer occasional questions. the Epson Scanner includes the processing for slides and negatives -- not available on ordinary flatbed software. Turbotax will probably be available as .deb "RSN" (2019 maybe ? -- let's hope ).

One of the things I think I remember from earlier discussion of Windows(S) though is that in this version they will drop some of their legacy baggage particularly stuff that is real trouble like the old Win32 interface. They'll need to do more than that though: putting the system defense around the app programs encompases a huge attack surface, and RING3 programs are not protected in the way that Kernel resources are in RING0. The O/S has to be secured as best as possible: no updates except signed maintenance.
¡Viva la Resistencia!

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Re: Report: Windows 10 S could be the default mode for future Windows 10 PCs

Post by Pierre » Tue Feb 06, 2018 8:59 am

they are still trying to compete with the ChromeBook / Chrome O/S,,
but still can't get the price right, to attract some buyers away from Chrome.

like the ChromeBook, it's also a Locked Down System, that is not as attractive at first blush.
- the original theory was that the S stood for School, to entice some Colleges on-board,
but that theory was wrong.

the pricing is still wrong, as the Hardware won't work as well with a heavy system, like Windows-10 is.
- when compared to a lightweight system like Chrome O/S.
Windows 10 S only allows UWP apps to be loaded from the Windows Store, locking out traditional Win32 .EXE files. ( noted, however, that these versions of Windows 10 S will apparently support third-party antivirus software, which traditionally runs as legacy .EXE versions.)
and you won't be able to use Your Old Printer - - either - - because you won't be able to install it's drivers.
- this does also apply to versions of V1703 & V1709 as well.
but you can bypass this with the Command Prompt Shell - which doesn't exist in win-10 S.
Please edit your original post title to include [SOLVED] - when your problem is solved!
and DO LOOK at those Unanswered Topics - - you may be able to answer some!.

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