Who no longer trusts or uses Facebook?

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Re: Who no longer trusts or uses Facebook?

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ud6 wrote:
Wed Sep 12, 2018 5:02 pm
DAMIEN1307 wrote:
Thu Apr 12, 2018 6:09 pm
just how untrustworthy these entities can be in "protecting" our privacy and information...here also is an interesting article that goes along with my question... https://fossbytes.com/facebook-data-col ... -profiles/ ...Who no longer trusts or uses Facebook?
Stopping Facebook use had little to do with privacy for me, and more to do with the political brain washing...

It started when I had to constantly remind.my friends that, no, European immigrants did not escape to North Africa during the 2nd world war (since Rommel and Montey were having tank battles there, so not at all safe). I got tired of pointing out fake news and fake photos, and as time went on, it became obvious that these were taking on sinister objectives of politically motivation from lies. Particularly left wing propoganda, though some right wing too. Facebook makes me angry because it promotes incendiary and untrue articles which simply stimulate hatred and division.
Couldn't agree more. There's really no way to police the content without injecting political bias, whether on accident or on purpose. What really drives me crazy is when websites complain about Facebook censoring them (and other like-minded sites), then post their Facebook page link on the very next line! It seems that everyone is waiting for the government to do something, but Congress is so dysfunctional I don't see that ever happening. I guess they have precedence (remember the case that Trump lost because he banned a follower of his Twitter feed), but what can they really do? As Agent K said, "A person is smart, people are stupid."
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Re: Who no longer trusts or uses Facebook?

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Re: Who no longer trusts or uses Facebook?

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I never trusted Twitter, Facebook, or any of the other social media. I once signed onto Linkdin but every time later they said my password was no longer valid. I never signed on again. They have been trying to get me back on with daily e-mails but it is not happening.
I have run iinto too many electrical engineers in the past decade that received their Bachelors, Masters, and Doctors degrees in computer sciences and electrical engineering and actually had no idea what Ohm's Law is or what a schematic was or what a transformer was or what it consisted of. The computer sciences doctor had no clue of what the purpose of RAM or a HDD was. One of them I encountered in the VA hospital as my new primary care physician. I saw him and recognized him, as I had fired him after my boss hired him to be my assistant, 3 months before. Brand new doctor! He asked me what I was taking insulin for?
I am a type 1 diabetic.
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