Help with SBC and NextCloud Ideas....

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Help with SBC and NextCloud Ideas....

Post by mr.travo » Thu Apr 19, 2018 1:46 am

So I have been searching, reading, and watching videos and I feel more confused than when I first started....

What I am looking at doing is running NextCloud on a single board computer that is plugged into the internet. A clean, simple, independent system, right??? I can't seem to find a good straight answer from really anyone specing out some decent hardware and advice. I can find about 10,000 videos and blogs on how to install the OS and setup NextCloud. The few sites I did find talking about hardware was from 3+ years ago, and we know how a lot has changed in the SBC realm since then.

What I am looking for:

Low cost (under $175 out the door)
Low power consumption

*I was thinking about running a 256GB SSD drive because it would also help with the low power consumption and low heat compared to a traditional HDD. I know the disadvantage with the write cycles with the SSD. I can pick up an Intel 256GB for under $80. For cloud storage, I *think* it would suite me fine as far as space is concerned. I am pretty sure the USB 2.0 will kill the drive speed but I believe the SSD will make back up for some of that speed loss (vs a 7200 rpm HDD).

*My internet speed is pretty consistent with 118 down and anywhere from 20 to 40 up. What will mainly be transferred and stored are invoices, pictures, and some streamed video (not often though). Contacts and calendar will be synced as well across 2 cells, laptop, and a desktop.

*I am worried about reliability when it comes to the operating system being stored on a micro SD card. I used to use those for my dash cam and I was buying a new one every 6 months or so. I am sure a dash cam throws a lot more R/W than an OS though, but it's still on my "reliability radar".

*From what I have researched Ubuntu Server is the way to go for the OS.

What am I not thinking of here? I am *thinking* I need my own domain name, right? I have never done this but know that it can easily be done. I just want to have all my ducks in a row and get the most bang for my buck. I decided to go this route vs a VPS because at least with this, I am getting something for my money and after the initial cost, all I am out is power consumption. I did the math on running 5v @ 4a and I get a yearly cost of $23.08 per year of 24/7 use. That will of course slide either direction by a couple of bucks depending on CPU usage etc etc...

Please throw me any tips or point out things I am not thinking of.

Thank you for your help guys!


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