"A" Solution to "The Alcohol Problem"

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"A" Solution to "The Alcohol Problem"

Post by Captain Brillo » Sat Jun 09, 2018 11:14 pm

What? Another one? Yes.

I have an idea; but I don't write "letters-to-the-editor", or write for a living, or blog, or even have a Facebook account.
But, to me the idea is kind of a no-brainer, so I want to plant a seed and see what grows, or dies.

First, my "solution" only applies to physical damage from alcohol use/abuse, not the carry-over social issues:

We need to remember that alcohol itself is not directly harmful. It's the by-product of our liver's metabolizing our drink that is messing with us. It's as if the Martini took a dump on the way through, and if we don't get rid of that crap, well....

Why not add to the equation? (alcohol + liver = acetaldehyde + more garbage) Somewhere in the process, (at the booze producer level or even a "hangover-pill") include something like another enzyme, or "antidote" if you will, that disposes of this toxin left behind. Our knowledge of alcohol metabolization is pretty good so should this be that hard to work out?

It seems simple, to me. But, I know, not at all easy. But is anybody, anywhere, who is qualified/capable doing this kind of research? And, like I said, this will only get rid of things like cirrhosis. Is that not good enough?

The booze industry would certainly be behind it. I sure am. Comments?
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Re: "A" Solution to "The Alcohol Problem"

Post by Portreve » Sun Jun 10, 2018 1:00 pm

For those who actually have addiction problems, it looks like the Sinclair Method might actually be worthwhile.

As I don't suffer from addictions myself, I can only repeat what others have said, so I'll leave it to those who wish to do research and further their own knowledge in such matters. I'd rather people go to primary sources who are actually authoritative, rather than a secondary source, such as myself, who only has a passing knowledge of such matters.
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