Home Theater PC Uses?

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Home Theater PC Uses?

Post by alexa9 » Tue Jun 26, 2018 7:16 pm

What are the most useful things you use your HTPC for?

1. Video/Netflix/Amazon Video/Youtube/BluRay/DVD
2. Music/Spotify/Pandora/Tidal/SiriusXM/Local Radio Stations
3. Browser: News, Weather, Forums, Articles, Recipes, Blogs
4. Kindle
5. Gaming - SNES emulator, Steam (Windows is obviously better for serious gamers), Chess.com
6. Google Maps/Earth
7. Photos: travel/family photos great on a big screen

We have been using our big screen TV as a computer monitor and it is enjoyable for the whole family to sit around and have a group computing experience. For example, watching The Grinch/Charlie Brown/Frosty The Snowman while playing Christmas Carols.

I find a computer much easier to use than a Chromecast/Roku(admittedly haven't tried this one but heard it's good)/FireTV/AppleTV and far more functional. Using a smartphone/remote to connect is much clunkier/slower than a keyboard/mouse. The Intel NUC is very affordable. I much prefer computing from couch in the living room or bed in bedroom to a computer sized screen in an office. For one thing the text is much easier to read and less strain on the eyes sitting at around 10 feet away from a 60 inch screen (which are a bargain currently).
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