Retro text advetures and similar - how to?

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Retro text advetures and similar - how to?

Post by vladtepes »

I love the old text adventures like leather goddesses of phobos, and numerous others of a similar natures.
Also some basic games which are essentially a text adventure/choose your own adventure format with pictures.

I've found a site called which appears to be a legit source for these games.

My questions though are more around how to actually play them.

The games I have in mind are:
  • leather goddesses of phobos (DOS)

    Beyond the Titanic (DOS)

    Sea Rogue (DOS)

    Titanic: Adventure Out of Time (Windows)

    Starship Titanic (Mac format)

    Titanic: The Adventure Begins... (Commodore 64)​
As far as systems available I have a Linux Mint 19.1 U5 system (and a Win 10 system).

Being all new at this I'd really appreciate if people could steer me in the right direction please

I've seen this thread, but I don't think it's what I need? viewtopic.php?f=58&t=274771&p=1506061&h ... s#p1506061
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Re: Retro text advetures and similar - how to?

Post by smurphos »

Dosbox should do the job for the DOS games - ... ic-beaver/

Wine for the windows title - ... n&iId=2499

Starship Titanic is available via Steam as a native Linux title - ... p_Titanic/

Vice is a C64 emulator -
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Re: Retro text advetures and similar - how to?

Post by Portreve »

What might be fun here, I think, would be to have a "live" text based adventure game, with a designated group of us as contributors, and then anyone who wants can be a player.

I think we can come up with just as interesting a game as any software designer.
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