Samsung S4 Mobilephone - installing lineageos...

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Samsung S4 Mobilephone - installing lineageos...

Post by tenfoot » Mon Sep 10, 2018 3:34 am

I originally posted this query on an android mailing list but have had no replies. So, I seek help from the gurus on this Forum, please?

Some time ago a friend gave me her Samsung S4, upgraded to Android "Lollipop". It is unlocked, inasmuch as the previous owner used it on the Spark (Telecom NZ) network and I use it on Vodafone. It has a lot of Samsung and Google Apps which I cannot remove.

Research tells me that it is possible to install lineageos v15.0 on the S4 but that it is advisable to do a back-up before anything else. Then it seems I have to "root" the phone using one of the programs suggested (drphone or iRoot or KingRoot} and install lineagos - or some similar alternative to Google android. And finally find and install non Google equivalent apps.

The trouble is that my ancient brain is not as flexible as it was when I was in my sixties, almost thirty years ago. So I need some basic "do this" and then "do this" instructions. Something like:

Step one. Download "this" and "this" and "that"

Step 2 "do this

Step 2 "now do this"

and so on.

And, lastly, is it possible to do everything through my computer. I have successfully mounted the S4 and been able to configure a MicroSD card on the computer.

Is any member willing to take on this task, please? I have watched several tutorials on Youtube but all of them, without exception go through the ste,ps far too quickly for my understanding and the accent is invariable not understandable by me.
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Re: Samsung S4 Mobilephone - installing lineageos...

Post by Sand » Mon Sep 10, 2018 6:10 pm

Hi tenfoot

Instead of making a list of how to i suggest that you take a look at this link: ... s-t3708586

Its pretty forward step by step and you get correct information if your hardware is supported. I saw that there were couple of S4:s that don't support Lineage 15.1.

As you mentioned, first rule is always to backup your device. (If you have something worth saving of course.)

I use Lineage OS 14.1 on one of my phones and the TWRP tool.

There is also a possibility to not install google apps (Gapps) and use different app stores if it is of your liking.

In the first link you find all the answers you need.

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