Apple's Bleeding in Sales...

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Apple's Bleeding in Sales...

Post by Portreve »

Forbes: The End of Apple

Thoughts, folks?
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Re: Apple's Bleeding in Sales...

Post by SuperBoby »

This is a very interesting article. I don't know much about stock exchange, and I wonder about this :

A publicly traded company that makes most of its money from selling phones is no longer telling investors how many phones it sells!

Would this really be a suicide move ? As long as the money is there, why would the investors care ?

I agree that the iphone prices are way too expensive for what you get, but I'm not really sure that would stop people from buying it. I mean, each new Apple device is a revolution... They are so good at communicating that they might just succeed at keeping on selling one month-salary phones.

Also, the whole "update-upgrade or it won't work properly / at all" thing that takes place inside the Apple strategy is almost chaining users to keep using Apple products.

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