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Windows 10 vs Linux Mint

Posted: Thu Feb 14, 2019 4:49 am
by vishgaur
So, the headline is quite common no?
My story:

I am a 14 years old Windows user who has used Windows OSs from XP to Windows 10.
While I was on Windows 10 on my HP notebook (i3, 5th gen, 4GB RAM) I realised that multitasking had become a myth, it would hang/freeze no matter what. So, I installed Linux mint (not dual boot, gave it a complete go as I knew that by dual booting I would never be able to overcome Windows addiction). Linux crashed twice, once due to so many stupid apps installed and my system became dead slow (wine, vm etc) and second time I didn't install anything like playonlinux/vm etc and learnt to live without windows dedicated apps but I crashed my system. Yes, I DID.
I was trying to make it look like macbook and installed some things on my Linux Mint 19, 64 bits, Cinnamon and in order to remove them I followed a guide that turned out to be a suicide guide.

Yes, when terminal asks (YES, DO AS I SAY) it indicates something serious that I should have doubted (but I was learning touch typing those days and was onto anything that required typing in a flash) but the guide itself should be called faulty as any newbee would do the same.

It deleted my terminal/system settings/everything apparently. I closed the operation by ctrl+c but it was too late. I was able to use browser and wifi was still working (was not deleted yet but bluetooth, clock, update manager etc all the things were deleted already). I had to create a bootable usb iso from my android (it takes 1 hour) just to know that it doesn't boot. I thought the app was faulty (only app available for non rooted devices was it). But then I made another bootable iso, this time linux mint 18 (1 more hour) it worked.

I installed LM 18, then burned LM19 cinnamon again using LM18 and installed it (everything I keep backed up in external hard disk).

Then suddenly I was unable to unbrick my old MOTO G XT1033 using linux (drivers not available for linux).
I let go it.
After a few months I saw that I could install ubuntu touch on MOTO G so I again installed Windows (2 days ago, while writing this post).

Not kidding, Linux mint cinnamon felt slow as much as windows 10 but this time windows 10 was toooooo slow.
I felt like vomiting over the UI. Really. I like the windows 10 ecosystem and the sync environment. I like how things are seamlessly working on windows. I like so many things about windows. But within 24 hours I installed linux mint 19.1 MATE (using mate for the first time) as dual boot.

Troubleshooted the wifi (rtl8723be, linux is neglecting this chip since a good time).
System was booting directly to the windows, that was what I actually wanted but changed it to ASK FOR THE CHOICE after just a few hours. And now. I have not booted into windows 10 since 1 day. Not even for a second. Everything I want to do is doable on Linux Mint. MATE feels much much much much faster than cinnamon and windows 10. However, I miss so many things on mate like it doesn't increase volume over 100%, I have to visit settings each time I want to do that. It also doesn't let me unmute the folder open/close sound (IDK why). But it is negligible anyway.


The thing I would like to ask is WHY? WHY am I unable to love the Windows back again? Forget love, I got food poisoning symptoms from it and was admitted to the hospital (not kidding, no sarcasm) when I installed it 2 days back. It looks so stupid for a UI. Again, forget love, I have started to hate Windows that is wrong. There are brilliant brains behind windows, more brilliant than the ones behind Linux for sure. Their think tank is though bound by the Company but they are nowhere less than Linux Brainies. I am unable to know the exact reason why have I started to hate Windows. I moved to linux just some time back. This time I have installed nothing but clementine, gradio, google chrome and rest of the things came preinstalled (3rd party). That means I don't have any fav app or something that is stopping me to like windows back.

Only reason I see is, I do most of the work on web browser, they load much faster on linux, linux boots fast so I could start my work quicker than the windows.
Battery life= I get 5 hours on linux and 1 and a half hours on Windows 10. I hate cables, so I could spend more time with my browsing stuffs on linux (way more time, almost 3 times more).

Is this the soul reason?

Re: Windows 10 vs Linux Mint

Posted: Thu Feb 14, 2019 5:27 am
by BigEasy
vishgaur wrote:
Thu Feb 14, 2019 4:49 am
The thing I would like to ask is WHY? WHY am I unable to love the Windows back again?
Because not enough RAM. Try 8GB.

Re: Windows 10 vs Linux Mint

Posted: Thu Feb 14, 2019 7:39 am
by vishgaur
BigEasy is here. Thanks for the reply.

I think you are quite right. But only RAM isn't enough I guess. i3 processors would never run windows 10 smoothly. My brother has 2 years older laptop than mine but it is i5 and it runs windows 10 much better (he also has external graphic card of 2 GB and I have internal intel HD graphics).

clock speed, generation of laptop, processor would also count in. 4GB RAM would work just fine if the laptop is i5/i7 or 7th gen. and 6GB RAM with i5 or i7 would be just fine.

So, everything sums up to cost. And in this world no one needs to spend for something that isn't necessarily required.

Re: Windows 10 vs Linux Mint

Posted: Thu Feb 14, 2019 11:25 am
by BigEasy
Loving W10 is necessary for you? If not then why you asked? It yes then spend something for it.

Re: Windows 10 vs Linux Mint

Posted: Thu Feb 14, 2019 3:41 pm
by gomerpile
If you like Mickysoft in charge of your security, winblows is if for U.
If you like everyone knowing your daily habits, then winblows is for U.
If you like having no control over your core system, winblows is for U.
If you like taking it up the A*S by mickysoft then winblows is for U.

If U like to take control of your security then linsucks is for U.
If U like to enjoy privacy then linsucks is for U.
If U like to play tic tac toes games then linsucks is for U
If U like free software then linsucks is for U.

I included linsucks for bias reasons. Don't want windows users to feel ashamed. The choice is Winblows by mickysoft or linsucks. I prefer linsucks.

Re: Windows 10 vs Linux Mint

Posted: Fri Feb 15, 2019 7:34 pm
by vaca
I have an i3 to 1.80ghz asus x550cc with 4 gb of ram, w10 works fine as long as the updates are blocked.
I'm from the old school, many years with operating systems msdos os / 2 hackintosh, linux etc.
Without hesitation I migrated all my pc to linux mint 18.3, it is simply fantastic, hard divine support, incredible cinnamon performance, I do everything I did in windows, with open source programs exactly the same.
Give an opportunity, read document to have first updated, if so windows are you consider Linux install it on an ext usb disk and the boot manager install it on that disk so it has windows intact to errors.
When turning on your computer in your bios select the boot from usb as the first option you will get grub giving you choose to start mint or windows.
Use your head first install the graphics drivers, then the updates and do not install new kernel.
Put your favorite programs, there are thousands of articles with programs equivalent to windows and free.
I do not regret it at all, and with 4 gb of ram I start my system with 900 mb with everything loaded, I have intel and nvidia at will.
have a similar system in usb to copy my linux partitions, excellent redo backup, and it can best save your copies of partitions and boot into nfts partitions.
Access so transparent also from linux mounted automatically your windows can exchange files and save in case of failed windows updates your critical files.
Windows is not already windows is a service focused on the cloud and very insecure.
Linux apart from this performance, gives security control you decide if you want to update components, no one obliges you, and your privacy is the basis of the system.
I recommend that you reflect and evaluate migrate to linux mint!

Re: Windows 10 vs Linux Mint

Posted: Fri Apr 05, 2019 10:26 pm
by kishoreuk2008
Hi I'm using Linux Mint since 2014 and my system is having good days since then. I also use windows for gaming. From installation to usage experience I can say that its better for me to use Linux than Windows. I have used my system to some extreme limits. Installed almost every apps available there in my system and its working fine without any dangerous issues. Not crashed yet instead of some solvable errors appeared in between while working.

Re: Windows 10 vs Linux Mint

Posted: Mon Apr 08, 2019 10:13 pm
by lexon
I still use W10 on one laptop and Mint on another laptop.
I need W10 for Apple music, iPhone and iPad. Mint does not handle it.
W10 runs just fine if you know what you are doing.


Re: Windows 10 vs Linux Mint

Posted: Tue Apr 09, 2019 1:12 am
by jchelpau
Can't love an OS if it isn't designed to run well on your machine.

Re: Windows 10 vs Linux Mint

Posted: Tue Apr 09, 2019 4:13 am
by michael louwe
Due to circumstances, I have moved from Fixed Broadband to Mobile Broadband(= via a 4G/LTE Android device) for Internet connections and found that I had to really return to Win 7/10 on my laptop, eg to do a firmware update for an Android accessory device. Even before that, I preferred to use Win 7 to burn Live Linux DVDs or USB flash-drives.
....... I run Win 10 Ent LTSC 2016(EOL in 2026) because I do not wish to be forced auto-upgraded by M$ every 6 months and suffer the inconveniences and time wasted by buggy OS upgrades.

Re: Windows 10 vs Linux Mint

Posted: Sun Apr 14, 2019 4:01 pm
by vansloneker
Primary reason:
vishgaur wrote:
Thu Feb 14, 2019 4:49 am
...I am a 14 years old ...

Not to be unkind but it is the age you try things, change opinions, change your view of life by the hour, as is in your post.
And hey, Windows really has good points, as you described.
On my i3 8GB laptop Windows 10 runs fine. It also did when it had 4GB. Mint runs fine too.
So it is dual boot with Mint as 1st and default choice. So why is it 99 of 100 times I let it boot into Mint?