LinuxMint makes a good impression!

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LinuxMint makes a good impression!

Postby exploder » Sat Jun 02, 2007 12:32 pm

My brother and a co-worker from China came over to see me last night. My brother knows of my interest in Linux but has always been a stead fast Microsoft supporter. I showed my brother and the other guy my LinuxMint system, their jaws dropped when they saw Beryl at work! My brother immediately started asking question about multimedia so I showed him that LinuxMint had multimedia support "out of the box". My brother also asked if the menu was stock because he liked the layout, My brother said he liked the look of the operating system compared to other distributions he had seen.
My brother is the most stubborn individual when it comes to operating systems but his comments and the look on his face show he was clearly impressed with LinuxMint. My brother is seriously considering running LinuxMint on one of his systems! LinuxMint is clearly taking the right direction when it can make an impression on someone like this!

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Postby madjr » Wed Jun 20, 2007 9:21 pm

yeah my bro is running ubuntu atm, but he really got impressed with mint.

Because about 95% is ubuntu he can change the look and feel back if he wants (but mint looks so much better has solid stability and less time installing apps/plugins and more time working/fun :p )

Am also upgrading my dad's pc to mint :)

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