Things that suck...

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Re: Things that suck...

Post by lsemmens »

Thanks for those links, I was wondering about those.
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Re: Things that suck...

Post by DJF113 »

I love my Camry, it's got 479,000 miles on it and still going strong. Not sure how much longer though! It's a Japanese engine, I've heard they go forever.
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Re: Things that suck...

Post by BG405 »

Bicycle pumps with the rubber reversed. Great fun as kids, with a bucket of water. :mrgreen:
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Re: Things that suck...

Post by garry9 »

Casino. I really hate it.
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Re: Things that suck...

Post by trytip »

waiting three weeks for your package to arrive then you find out you need to return it for an exchange but it's the weekend and you need to wait 2 business days for a return request.

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