M$ selling snakeoil to Linux Users.

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Re: M$ selling snakeoil to Linux Users.

Post by coffee412 »

I just do not understand why there are so many users that just lap up the M$ juice. I would never want any of my personal documents stored on M$ servers or any others for that matter. This office365, To me, Is just a total data mining deal. I also see a lot of technical people (repair techs, I.T. personnel, Admins ect...) that just also think its a great idea to store personal data on the "cloud". For some reason wisdom has been thrown out the window with them.

Here is how I see it:

There will be large instances of 'cloud' services being hacked into from the server side of things. It will most likely not come from the user side as that attack vector produces smaller results. The cloud providers will not want to mention this as its bad for business. Then the ransomware will begin.
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Re: M$ selling snakeoil to Linux Users.

Post by Portreve »

The business side of the equation here is fairly simple and straightforward.

Most companies are not tech-centric in what they do as a part of their business (they don't make computers, write software, etc.) and the people in charge come into the job with whatever technology understanding and/or background that they incidentally happen to have, but generally they have no clue. Also, most business leaders are likely sociopaths (which is why they tend towards being highly dominant personalities) and so they just want what they want without any "bs" getting in the way.

Generally, most companies do not understand the wisdom in Steve Jobs' observation that "A players hire A players; but B players hire C players" because, in truth, they're mostly B players themselves who do not want to be embarrassed by people who can and are willing to show how ignorant and often stupid the business leaders themselves are.

This leads to a corporate environment and business mindset of a race to the bottom in terms of wanting to spend as little and choke off as much of the profits at the top as possible, disincentiveize push-back as much as possible, and so lesser people who can also be hired for less run the behind-the-scenes stuff. It becomes easier to, frankly, just outsource as much of the IT stuff as possible, and of course The Cloud is just sitting there, ready and waiting.

Then, as you have indicated, coffee412, it's all a house of cards and the first strong breeze to come along (hacking, data theft mining, ransomware) knocks everybody's house down.

The specifics have varied, but I've seen this scenario at nearly every company I've ever worked for, and I've watched as it's gotten worse. It also tracks along with the caliber of people running things, and that of generations of kids being produced by a declining educational system (at least here in the US) so honestly I see this as a trend which will continue for some indefinite period until either:

A. We finally come to our senses, feel we've had enough, and decide to change; or

B. We as a nation cease to be viable enough to continue functioning.

From where I sit, it will more likely be B.
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Re: M$ selling snakeoil to Linux Users.

Post by AZgl1500 »

I have started using a "new to me" search engine, google never sees me.


DuckDuckgo is my 2nd favorite
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