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Windows reminder

Posted: Tue Jun 30, 2020 9:07 am
by kelevra
I just got finished building a multiboot USB drive for a fellow forum user. The software I used is windows only, so I found a free Windows 10 VM on the Microsoft website and got it up and running using VirtualBox. The process was greatly exasperated by having to wait for two windows updates after a couple of required restarts.
The build itself was fairly painless. Scrolling through the in-brain Rolodex to find the long-forgotten info concerning user groups and sharing gave the grey matter some much needed dusting off. Joining the vboxusers group is required to use a USB drive in VirtualBox, very interesting. I shared a folder within VirtualBox to provide access to the Mint 20 ISOs from within the VM. Next I fired up Yumi and Bob's your uncle, the job was done.
Quick and easy once the windows headaches were dealt with. Just another reminder for me of the need for Mint.