How Tech Addiction Helps Degrade Society

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Re: How Tech Addiction Helps Degrade Society

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RollyShed wrote:
Tue Aug 11, 2020 4:26 am
SpongebobFan1994 wrote:
Tue Aug 11, 2020 12:23 am
That's good to know, and I'm glad that the virus hasn't affected your country.
New Zealand 4 deaths per million. USA 500 deaths per million (rounded figures). New Zealanders agreed with the rules and stuck to them. 100+ days without any community infections. All infections now are people coming into the country and into isolated.
Oh okay. Considering that the virus only affects the elderly and anyone with a compromised immune system, I'm guessing, even if there weren't rules put in place, the population of New Zealand has been significantly healthier than the US (even before the virus hit)?
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Re: How Tech Addiction Helps Degrade Society

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I'll have to fix one of my old bikes. Had a really nice one but it was stolen before I got a chance to ride it. :( I don't see the point of those exercise bikes unless they actually generate useful energy .. don't know if any do or if they just burn it off, creating more CO²?

There is a Mens' Shed about 3 miles from where I live, but it's for wood & metal work and gardening .. the former two are of interest to me but I'd like to see a computer one open up. We do have a Radio Club but that is struggling to survive, sadly.

As for the thread's original subject, I agree 100%. Times one has to watch out for a collision due to people being oblivious to their surroundings, entirely focussed on a cell phone.

Someone mentioned the Autistic Spectrum, which I am a member of. I use this to my advantage as I can put a LOT of time and effort into a subject I like .. and as for use of technology, I don't use it to blank other people off, quite the opposite. It's much easier to have a shared experience with a laptop computer than with a tiny cell-phone screen, especially with my eyes .. :)
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Re: How Tech Addiction Helps Degrade Society

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The bicycles in the pictures, especially the bottom one, I get the front of the saddle down so it is below level. That's what suits me and I'm pushing against the back of the saddle. I also always ride with toe clips, usually with straps but loose. The straps are not tight but the clips stop my feet sliding off forwards and I can add a little (very little) lift in the pedal stroke.

A Shed with no computer section, quite usual so you add one, you become IT and do the minutes, membership joining forms, work procedure notices (who can use what). If you can get internet connection you can source materials, download and print plans and jigs. Take the plans or pictures and size them to the required size. You will probably end up fixing sewing machines for locals to add to the shed's funds. There must be computers lying round looking for a home so hardware should be free. You then mount Linux Mint and convert everyone to using it, run classes and..... Oh, and by the way, that little bit of wood working you wanted to do for yourself? No time for you to do it - sorry.

So you become the "go to person", the social interaction because you have a skill to share. And then most importantly, the cuppa and a yarn - with your backs to any computers.

Basically how TECH can add to society and social interaction and not degrade it - I think that was the main thrust of the thread, how degradation can be stopped.
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Re: How Tech Addiction Helps Degrade Society

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