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Re: Discussion about newbie

Post by jeremysdad »

Well this thread certainly took a most pleasant, if surprising, turn for the better. :D

Indeed, to get on topic (if there is one, now), being a noob is not a bad thing. It is (to use one of the most annoying phrases of 2009) what it is. A signification that you have no idea what is really going on, but are making an effort to figure it out (indeed, a good label). Now if every new person were labeled a troll, things might be different.

The term noob and newbie are here to stay in the tech world, in forums and chat boards that involve every subject imaginable; if it offends one that much, the only way to avoid it is to stay off of the internet.
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Re: Discussion about newbie

Post by willxtreme »

A fool can beat a genius through hard work :lol:

Also, there's always someone better than you & there's always someone worse than you. That means you can be a newbie to someone (like Clem) but you can be a pro at the same time to someone else (like your girlfriend thinks you're a pro).

For those of you who played Gunbound, there was that ranking system (dragons/wands for 1337 players and a little chicken for newbies). IT WAS HILARIOUS TO SEE a newbie beat a Dragon in a fight lol.

In real life we put too much importance on titles. Just because your teacher at school got the teacher title & a PhD doesn't mean you can't teach him something 8) !

So what if someone calls you a newbie. You can be a skilled newbie :lol: . By being called a pro you could have a too big ego and think you're at the top and have nothing to learn from anyone.

Being good is nice but what is better is to keep on improving.

Once you reach the top, keep on climbing!
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Re: Discussion about newbie

Post by AndyP79 »

I just came across this post. Kinda funny. Here in the wide world of Linux, I am a newbie. I take no offense to it. I took the plunge into Linux starting with Ubuntu and messed with a few others, liked the way Ubuntu was set up, and eventually found Mint. I will not be switching OS anytime soon. This was over two years and 3 computers ago. I still don't know squat about computers in general and frequently have a hard time understanding what people are talking about when they are trying to help me. I am not exactly a dummy either having accomplished quite a few things in my life thus far.

Now, where I would feel insulted would be if I were say a Certified Computer Programmer or IT guy who had been working on computers of some sort, and this was my first go at Linux. After having been in computers for some time it should be that this is just a new way of doing things you always did. Myself, I am a boat Captain and have been at sea for quite some years having worked my way up. If I were to go to a new company and they wanted me to start at the bottom again because I was a newbie to the company, I would be insulted. Therefore, unless your already being paid on a daily basis to do nothing but write computer programs and design operating systems and fix all the crap that others in the office have destroyed, your a newbie. I don't think anyone who is that into computers that they have a degree or get paid to design how they work(not saying that you HAVE to have a degree, I am generalizing), is a newbie. But saying that, I know guys who do programming for a living, i.e., the guy who got me started with Linux in the first place, who I can show a couple of things. But I just play around with aesthetics, and he writes programs. I am a newbie. Say it with me now...I am a newbie! :mrgreen:
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