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1. ffxiv guide The first day of beta testing for Final Fantasy XIV has appear and gone. While we were acquisitive for some big surprises, annihilation above was leaked by beta testers afterwards the aboriginal day of testing. The Japenese beta testers acquaint added screenshots than the EU or NA player-base from what we were able to scrounge up.

some of the reactions we begin while account posts by assorted beta testers (on sites such as BlueGartr):

* Combat is abundant faster than in Alpha. Feels smoother overall.

* The bold still has bugs, such as humans falling through the world.

* When you do Guildleves, the monsters you are declared to annihilate can alone be dead by you (pre-claimed by you). This helps to anticipate a abridgement of monsters getting accessible for annihilate quests.

* While assertive aspects of appearance customization accept a ample appulse on your look, some of the facial customization is almost noticeable.

* You charge a abreast top-of-the-line computer to play this bold at 1920×1200 resolution and get 30FPS. The FFXIV Benchmark apparatus doesn’t assume far off if things break as they are.

* Input for Japanese characters seems to be enabled in the English applicant (with Windows IME enabled).

* Lalafell accept antic facial hair. (face 1, face 2, face 3)

Videos still assume rather harder to appear by, so we will leave you to award gameplay video to watch. (HINT: seek on Youtube for FFXIV Beta, accessible the Seek Options, and array by upload date).
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Re: new-ffxiv-beta-report

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Any luck getting release to work? I've been reading up on the winHQ site but running into a lot of brick walls.
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