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Re: Name that Movie

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hi portreve...lets blow this one out of the water right now...the movie was "office space" from the late 90s...DAMIEN
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Re: Name that Movie

Post by BenTrabetere »

Portreve wrote:
Mon Aug 06, 2018 2:29 pm
“I have people skills. I am good with dealing with people. What the hell is wrong with you people?”
Office Space

The line "if they take my stapler then I'll set the building on fire..." had a special meaning for me.

In a previous life I worked in a the department lead by a man who was a bad combination of incompetence and stupidity. I had two Swingline staplers on my desk: a standard desk stapler for normal use, and a heavy-duty stapler for booklets. That monster could drive a staple through 150 sheets of paper with ease.

One day the boss confiscated my HD stapler because it did not conform to the office standards, it used special staples, and they because really needed it in the mailroom. I finally convinced him that it was MY stapler and MY staples.

A few weeks later the movie hit the theaters.
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