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Postby BakUp » Mon Nov 05, 2007 12:06 am

If anyone checks my post here on the Mint forums you can tell I am not very good with tech issues. I do like to welcome new forum members and give them encouragement. I feel guilty sometimes I am not doing my share for someone that has used Linux since Mandrake 9.0 and Lycoris Desktop/LX 1.4.

As a result I have tried to make up for it in different ways that I would like to share with Mint users.

The first way was to donate $'s. I am not rich by any means but I can always come up with a donation each month of some kind. For some people they are not as fortunate, paying the bills come first.

The next thing I will mention anyone can do. Using your email client create a signature that will get sent every time you send an email. Think of the possibilities of this, it could end up being sent around the world.l When I send an email to just one person, that person could forward it to who knows how many people. I include a nice looking image of the Mint logo, and a link or two of the Mint home page and/or the Mint forums. Then I add my little quote: The operating system of the future is here today.

Ok for $18.95 I purchased 250 business cards, with similar info as my email signature, again I used the Mint logo image also. You would be surprised how many people are curious and are more than willing to take one. I include my email address and phone number offering to provide help installing and finding support.

The last thing I have done is I ran an add in the local news paper inquiring if anyone would want to become a member of a Linux Support group. The purpose of this would be helping people to get started using Mint/or any other distro. Then from there it would expand to sharing experiences, problems, finding tutorials, help, and how to's, new releases, and how to find help and learn from the forums.

The thread is open to Mint users that have other ways how they support Mint. Lets hear from you all.....


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Supporting mint

Postby dracorX » Mon Nov 05, 2007 4:03 am

Hehe, that idea with mint email signature is good. I - however - won't do that. Instead, I often UPGRADE friend's pc's from VISTA to Mint ;-)

Another thing how I do try to give back to that wonderful community is answering some forum entries, if I see something I could do to help them. As you might guess from my post count, it's sometimes, not always. I won't do big research, I just answer what I do already know - which becomes more and more.

It was basically scorp123 who influenced my attitude towards that, as I see him post very often.

How about the other guys out there?

BTW: are there swiss members? if so, PM me, perhaps we could do a LM LUG or a meeting once, or such...

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