Touchscreen not working

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Touchscreen not working

Post by Matt--_ »

Hey so I've got a laptop from Kiano and my touchscreen doesn't work. While the laptop was running on Windows 10 it worked perfectly but I wanted to switch to Linux because it runs faster on that laptop. It's my first time ever using Linux. So basically I tried running Zorin OS, Ubuntu and now Linux Mint which I wanna stick with as it has the best performance on this laptop. The only thing I'm lacking is touchscreen (this laptop is like 2 in 1). Please help me. Also I'm sorry for any mistakes but English isn't my first language

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Re: Touchscreen not working

Post by CliveMcCarthy »

I'm having a similar problem. I have a new 2-in-1 and everything works except the touchscreen. I've looked at lsusb and see an entry for Sigma Micro which I'm guessing is the touch screen controller: 1C4F:007C

Any ideas?
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