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Post by jivens » Wed Jul 15, 2009 10:34 am

Kudos and many thanks to the originator of these instructions.

Note: this may save someone some time. Though correctly notated in the instructions, I fiddled a long time because I didn't pay attention to syntax and I have seen it noted the same way in follow-up posts. When entering the BusId, colons must be used; not decimals. Ex. 03:00:0 NOT 03:00.0 . Hope I'm the only idiot out there that did this, but if not hope it helps. :D

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Post by solomon56 » Mon Aug 17, 2009 8:26 pm

I`m not sure where to go so i`ll start here.
Before installing mint , i read on the forum problems people where having with sli systems.
I followed advise from one or two people and things started to look good.I removed the second card and it all works.
I re-installed my second Zotac card and things went rapidly down hill from there.
Black screen -- boot failure.the all to familiar chain of events that seems to plague linux.
Befor opting to install Mint , i used Ubuntu for over a year.It too has a problem with sli enabled systems.
The reason for writing is this; on boot i get this.
...starting up
[ 0.004000]aperture pointing to e820 ram ignoring.
[ 0.004000]your bios dosen`t have a aperture memory hole.
[ 0.004000]please enable the IOMMU option in bios.
[ 0.004000]that costs 64mb ram.
no resume image, doing normal boot.
boot failure.
terminal login$.
Whats next. can you help.
I suppose i could always take out my other graphics card.But why should i?
The bios was updated last week.
My system is ;Felicia x64, 2x zotac gts250`s ,tons of power and 2 maxtor 80 gb sata`s,4gb ram on a gigabyte m57sli s4 rev 2.0 mobo.

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Post by g2k556 » Sat Aug 22, 2009 5:39 pm

well I went through that entire tutorial and got x-windows back up and running. But I still couldn't enable the desktop effects. Just said it wasn't able to do so?? Any ideas?

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Post by XmodAlloy » Thu Sep 24, 2009 5:40 pm

this worked! I was about to give up on mint, then I found this.

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Post by weave2k03 » Tue Oct 27, 2009 9:05 pm

Hi for anyone who is having troubles enabling sli, I'd follow this guide:

http://www.mepis.org/docs/en/index.php/ ... ,_SLI_mode

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Post by rootie » Wed May 25, 2011 11:42 am

Hi Ho, As I am also having problems with Nvidia Drivers or should I say my problem is with the 270.26 or higher and running on a 32bit machine.
You see I also have two gtx-286'S and a thired card being a GTX-185 cards and they seem to run well under 64-bit OS control but not under 32-bit OS mode or cant be hight than 260.19.36 because that is the last driver that worked for me under 32-but control and I need a far higher version for testing of up-2-date graphic code.

MOTHERBOARD: ASUS M4N82 Delux SLI Approved ( was M3A79-T Delux)
Card:GTX-285 GAINWORD GTX-285 SLI (2048 DDR3) Same BIOS Version
GTX-285 GAINWARD GTX-285 SLI (2048 DDR3) Same BIOS Version
GTX-185 GAINWARD GTX-980aSLI (1024 DDR2) old test only
PSU Thermaltake-800w for Cards only
PSU Thermaltake-1200w for MB,Disks etc
Screen LG-3000H 2560x1600
Now some time the 2nd Gainward just vanishes or goes for a walk? but only when under 32-bit OS control, never sen under 64-bit OS Control. Now that sound s like a slot contact type of problem?
As for help from Nvidia: It is a total wast of time even thinking you going to get any help.

One odd point is that we have noticed that on this M4N82 MB and under 64-bit OS Control they seem to control board slots down from 5 to 0 as apposed from up from 0 to 5.
It should not make a difference but if you count from good to duff cards or duff to good cards then you see it will make a difference in the end result type of an Array.
I will continue to watch your problem and will report any news I find that may be of use to you.
Good Luck, Rootie,

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