2 graphic cards, multiple monitors possible?

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Re: 2 graphic cards, multiple monitors possible?

Post by minty_22 » Sun Feb 04, 2018 1:15 pm

i think i found the problem!!

with the new nvidia drivers, it is working better and faster, but now i am having some lag when i have too many things open

i didn't notice this until today, but the Used Dedicated Memory is almost at 97%

i forgot to check this in my before testing, but i am sure that was part of the problem and old nvidia drivers

i think this is the reason why i am seeing lagging issues or black screen issues,

does xinerama use alot more gpu ram than when not using xinerama?

i have no problem when i use non-xinerama,

my gt 640's only have 2bg of ram, it seems its not enough

i bought 2 gtx 970, but i am using them for mining , i dont really want to take them out from my mining rig, but i might have to, i think they have 4gb ram

i bet if i put them in, i wouldn't have any lag issues, i think they have enough ram


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