Black screen after nvidia driver install

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Black screen after nvidia driver install

Post by iFunction » Mon Jun 19, 2017 2:14 pm


So my computer was running fine with gtx970 sporting 4 screens until I did a kernel update. It then worked for a day or two then finally would crash within 3 minutes of booting up.

I have since been trying to re install linux 18 and the latest nvidia drivers but always the same thing, a blank screen after changing to nbvidia drivers in the package manager.

This is my setup:
processor - intel i7 4790K
motherboard - Asus z97
Graphics card - Asus GTX970
OS - Linux Mint 18

I'm at a complete loss, I had this when I first built it 9 months ago with Mint 17, but did get it going eventurally, when I reinstalled it with Mint 18 it all went fine, but now with the updated Kernal, I can't get it to work. During my 20 installs today, I got Mint 18 working with nvidia driver 370 once, but only with one screen, neither of the DVI port nor the HDMI port now seem to work in any capacity. Am I possibly looking at a failed graphics card, or is this just driver issues and how to get round it, I've exhausted all the info that I have found on the internet and am at a loss now.

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Re: Black screen after nvidia driver install

Post by coffee412 » Mon Jun 19, 2017 5:28 pm

What I would do:

Boot from the last kernel that the video worked on. You might have to hold down the left shift key while booting to get to it. Go to advance options I think it is and thats where your older kernels are. If it still does not work then you know its probably not the kernel.

Pass the nomodeset option when booting.

Is the card damaged? Boot to a live dvd using the various outputs on the card and see if they work. That should be enough to rule out a bad card.

Im sure many others can take you farther on this.

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