external display sleeps locks system

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external display sleeps locks system

Post by jerry5327 » Sun Nov 19, 2017 2:32 am

I am using a dell 7720 laptop with Mint 18.2. When screen saver goes on and system goes to sleep - no problem just shake mouse and all is well as long as I do not have an external display connected.

The problem is when I connect (either display port or hdmi) every thing works until system goes to sleep. I a using the recommended nvidea driver but have also tried xorg. I have to force a power off using the on/off button.

Before Mint I used Ubuntu 16.04 LTS for about a year. I like Mint better. I really would like to be able to use my laptop with my external display.

I also have a HP DVI7. I installed Ubuntu 17.10. Do not like it, Yesterday (using synaptic) I installed the cinnamon desktop on 17.10. No isues there except for print drivers flaky at times.

carum carvi
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Re: external display sleeps locks system

Post by carum carvi » Tue Dec 26, 2017 1:32 pm

I like Mint better too.

I have tried several linuxmint editions (mate, xfce) but Cinnamon pleases me most.
And only in Cinnamon 18.1. I had no problems with suspend.

You mention that suspend works fine for you too UNTILL you connect an external display.
I am a newbie so dont get your hopes up by my advice, but I have experienced SO many problems with suspend in other linux editions that I just wanna give you my two cents worth of advice: disable the screensaver.

Disable the screensaver completely in the system settings and ONLY use the powermanagement to suspend your notebook.
Last resort tip if that doesnt change a thing: downgrade to linuxmint Cinnamon 18.1.
18.1. uses a different base of software than 18.2. This software change in 18.2. could cause problems with suspend according to user MuteAnt who helped me with my own suspend problems in the past.

As a newbie I had to try out different versions before I finally came back to Cinnamon which must be the most popular choice for a reason. Trying out different versions of Cinnamon might help too. If changing is too much hassle I advice you to seek help from an experienced user. They know the little things that make a big difference !

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