nvidia gforce 1050ti problems

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nvidia gforce 1050ti problems

Post by sirstabbybeard » Sun Jul 22, 2018 4:11 pm

this may have been fixed already though i have been looking for a week or so. i have run into a problem that seems to be a common issue with linux and nvidia though i cannot find a solution after a week of trying. I did a fresh install of Linux mint cinnamon 19 on my computer backed up my files and nuked my ssd. I installed the drivers for my GPU, modified my grub to blacklist nouveau and modprod. i can boot the machine with one two or three monitors connected. when i connect the 4th monitor while on the desktop it works though it has that terrible black bars behind it sometimes. i am able to configure the desktop the way i want however when i reboot with the 4th monitor connected it goes through post and when it goes to load the OS i get a black screen and a cursor in the corner. i have found several forums mentioning this problem and have tried several things to fix it. i might be reading or missing a step or maybe this is a problem that cant be fixed till nvidia or mint updates something. i am booting in legacy mode. at least i am pretty sure i am. i have hit a wall and need some help hopeing someone might be able to give me some advice or something. i am running it with just 3 monitors for now but what is the point of having this awesome card if i cant use its entire resources. please note when i had mint 18.3 running all 4 monitors worked great. i know i can go back to 18.3 for now and try 19 again later but that is lameish. i want to run 19 if i can.

computer specs
gigabyte gpa-ud3h rev 2,1 MOboard
AMD Phenom 2 X6 1055T processor
Nvidia gforce GTX 1050ti 4GB GPU
16 GB kingston ram
kingston 120GB ssd
corsair h80i liquid cooler
claro halo sound card

thanks in advance for the help

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