Nvidia 396 Crashing LightDM Linux Mint 19

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Nvidia 396 Crashing LightDM Linux Mint 19

Post by MCDELTAT »

I wanted to upgrade my laptop to Linux Mint 19 and Nvidia 396 just to try out Steam Proton before upgrading on my main Desktop machine.

Everything went well on the upgrade to Linux Mint 19 and was stable using the already installed Nvidia 390 Drivers. A notable exception is that the upgrade failed originally because `dbus-x11` wasn't going to be configured in the upgrade process and `gconf2` depended on it.

I switched to the Nouveou driver so that it wasn't being used. Ran `apt purge nvidia* && apt purge libnvidia*` to get rid of everything, then added the ppa and ran `apt install nvidia-driver-396`

On reboot now LightDM appears to crash, that is, there is only a black screen. I can however type in my password and it gets me to the desktop where the driver appears to be working perfectly. Driver Manager says it's currently the selected driver but Steam won't even launch because of the error "glXChooseVisual failed".

Where are the logs stored for LightDM? Is the driver just not loading for LightDM? I guess it's technically usable for now.

EDIT: The currently installed packages are from the ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa

Code: Select all

libnvidia-cfg1-396:amd64			install
libnvidia-common-396				install
libnvidia-compute-396:amd64			install
libnvidia-decode-396:amd64			install
libnvidia-encode-396:amd64			install
libnvidia-fbc1-396:amd64			install
libnvidia-gl-396:amd64				install
libnvidia-ifr1-396:amd64			install
nvidia-compute-utils-396			install
nvidia-dkms-396					install
nvidia-driver-396				install
nvidia-kernel-common-396			install
nvidia-kernel-source-396			install
nvidia-utils-396				install
xserver-xorg-video-nvidia-396			install

Thanks in advance for the help.
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Re: Nvidia 396 Crashing LightDM Linux Mint 19

Post by trytip »

but open Logs and look in the Important tab it should tell you what's wrong. some of these logs i can make sense of , some is just gibberish
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