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Screen resolution with Projector and xrandr?

Posted: Thu Sep 06, 2018 6:26 pm
by desputin
I have installed Mint with xfce and I am trying to get my projector running with the correct screen resolution.
The Projector is connected via VGA and has 1280x1024. But in xfce it only shows 1024x768. My graphics card is an intel.

Could anyone here help me with that?
I have allready tried

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xrandr --newmode "1280x1024-60.00"  109.00  1280 1368 1496 1712  1024 1027 1034 1063 -hsync +vsync

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$ xrandr --addmode VGA-1 1280x1024_60.00
After that I was able to set the resolution to 1280x1024 but the picture didn't become wider just more narrow and the edges right and left are cut off....

Any idea what I can do?

best regards desputin

Re: Screen resolution with Projector and xrandr?

Posted: Fri Sep 07, 2018 4:02 pm
by desputin
Solved the problem!

I tried with the wrong screen resolution. My projektor has 1280x800.

So I did:

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cvt 1280 800 60
and then the xrandr-commands and wrote both of the xrandr-commands into the /home/username/.xprofile file.