screen tearing or glitching on GeForce 9400

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screen tearing or glitching on GeForce 9400

Post by wanderingaria » Sat Aug 10, 2019 9:50 pm


pretty new here with linux, but I am having quite the troubles finding any information on this issue I am having with graphics drivers on an old (2009?) imac desktop that I recently booted linux mint 19.2 onto. Decided to give it a shot cause this imac is pretty clunky, and I am just hoping to learn more about linux so that I can configure a better OS on my current pc build.

ok so...
from the terminal, giving the command: " inxi -G "
terminal tells me that my graphics card is a GeForce 9400, and that my graphics driver is Nvidia version 340.107

Now, the issue that I have..
When I have the nouveau graphics driver selected in my driver manager, everything seems to be running smoothly, with the exception of very noticeable screen tearing on any online video streaming... not ideal imo
When I have the nvidia driver selected, my screen tearing issues are gone, but my desktop is continuously glitching vertically (see here ... l.jpg.html) confusing

at the moment I have both the nvidia, and nouveau driver installed. I attempted to blacklist and uninstall the nouveau driver, and this did not seem to be of any effect..

I assume that I am missing something fairly simple here, but any help or advice with this issue would be greatly appreciated!

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