[Solved] Screen Resolution question

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[Solved] Screen Resolution question

Post by Grateful4Linux »

Solved: Even though my Firefox browser was set to 100% zoom, there was something (probably in my overall preferences) which was throwing off the display resolution indicated by those websites. I tried them in Midori browser and they showed the correct 1080p resolution.

Hello, I ordered a new monitor yesterday, which I haven't received yet. It's 25" QHD, and I started to worry that I should have gotten a 27" QHD (1440p) instead. So I pulled up a few comparison pages to look at what the size differences really are, and stumbled upon several websites that supposedly test your current resolution.

When I look at my Linux Mint displays settings, it says my 24" Dell monitor is set at 1920 x 1080p resolution, which it's supposed to be. But every one of the websites tells me that my screen resolution is actually only 1280 x 720. Are those sites all wrong? Or is my display not really 1920 x 1080 like it's supposed to be?


In Font Selection, I have the text scaling factor set to 1.5. Does that have anything to do with the discrepancy? (Firefox page zoom was set at 100%.)

Because I get a lot of migraines, I decided to order a monitor that does not use PWM, so I can set the brightness lower without flicker, and I went with the higher resolution because text has not been looking very sharp to me lately. Now I'm wondering if that's because my resolution is effectively lower than FHD.

**Edited to Add: I just found this https://www.quora.com/Samsung-J5-Prime- ... hy-is-that which says:
Websites cannot get the real screen resolution from your phone because browsers typically scale them. Also that site doesn't use smarter media queries requesting the real screen resolution, but only the width of the page, which on a desktop changes with the zoom level...
So hopefully that explains the discrepancy. Does anybody else get conflicting resolutions on those websites? Am I worried about a problem that doesn't exist?

Sorry if this was a stupid thread, but it really had me thrown.
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