Black frame around windows on second monitor

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Black frame around windows on second monitor

Post by robshep952 » Fri Oct 11, 2019 4:25 am


Most mornings when I plug my second monitor in (Dell 27") to my Dell XPS running Linux Mint 19.2 and drag windows over from the built-in laptop monitor, they end up with black frame artefacts around the windows, flickering and changing shape/size.

I have a dual graphics card but only use the Intel card, not the nvidia one. I don't know if it happens in nvidia mode as a have to log out and back in to switch modes.

See screenshots.

I have to logout or restart to fix this which is irritating when I have lots of stuff on the go.

Any ideas what the issue might be?


Screenshot from 2019-10-11 09-12-02.jpg
Screenshot from 2019-10-11 09-03-32.jpg

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