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ATI 4800 series working fine with quad crossfire enabled

Posted: Sun Oct 04, 2009 8:13 pm
by Cyborgmuppet
I just got 2x ATI 4870x2 cards to work in mint 7 (64 bit) with quad crossfire enabled.

However i got the flashing colors problem, crashed and I had to reinstall when I enabled the FGLRX using the "hardware drivers GUI/Tool" in the administration menu.
(the recomended way to do it in mint)

Here is what I did to get it to work:

Installed Linux mint 7 and updated it.

Downloaded the from the AMD website ... ng=English

Placed it in my home folder.
opened my home folder as root in the file browser (simply go to your home folder and then select open as root in the file menu)
ran the driver and it installed.

Then I opened terminal and ran these commands:
# aticonfig --lsa
(listed my adapters)
# aticonfig --adapter=0,1,2,3 --cfa
Then I restarted computer.

Opened terminal again, became root again and ran:
# aticonfig --adapter=0 --crossfire=on
And I restarted again.

Now its up and running with full 3d without any problems.
if you read the "aticonfig --help" you get more options to check your adapters and your crossfire chains and if they are enabled. note that the GUI in the applications menu wount display anything but the crossfire is there and enabled if it say so in the terminal.

For additional info (in case you get trouble with install or configuring) go to the AMD website (the one I mentioned above) and read install instructions.
And for configuring crossfire this site might be of help: ... inux&num=1

Also a notice for mint 6 users:
I had some problems installing back then too but I dont remeber exactly how I fixed it.. however I have a hint:
It included defining one adapter as default in xorg.config or might have been a different file. as the driver was not the problem back then but rather getting the system to understand the concept of several dislay adapters. I just remegber I messed around with a file Xsomething and that I had to figure out the bus ID for the first adapter so I could find it and define it.
Do a google search as I dont remember where I got the tip. maby the ubuntu forums.

Re: ATI 4800 series working fine with quad crossfire enabled

Posted: Wed Oct 07, 2009 3:59 pm
by Husse
Thanks for that - I changed the subject line to better reflect content

Re: ATI 4800 series working fine with quad crossfire enabled

Posted: Sat Oct 24, 2009 2:49 pm
by imckinney
Works with Sapphire Radeon hd 4350.
I have been trying for a while now to get my radeon card working with mint. My problem was the video flickering that happens while effects are enabled. I just upgraded from mint 6 to 7 in the hopes that it might fix this problem but no luck. After reading through many many other possible fixes I tried this one and all is fine with the video and dual monitors. I'm 1 step closer to removing windows from my machine.