[Input Not Supported on Bootup]

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[Input Not Supported on Bootup]

Post by LiquidHelios »

I created a bootable flash drive from Linux Mint 9 Isadora out of the standard version. When I start up my computer, choose the boot device, select the flash drive, and hit enter, It loads up, and i choose either Linux Mint or Linux Mint Compatibility Mode. When I choose the first option, my monitor tells me Input Device Not Supported, (or something similar, forgot the EXACT name of the message). Anyways, I reboot, and this time select The Compatibility Mode. It boots up. Then I go to my monitor preferences, expecting to be able to "find my monitors" and change the resolution. Wrong. My monitors are not found when i click find monitors.....

So basically, I am VERY new to linux mint, and a college professor suggested to us that we try it out, I am very interested in learning how to use linux, but this issue is a big problem for me if i really want to be able to learn it, so could anyone explain in literal noob terms how to fix this? And whats the difference if i work in compatibility mode vs. Normal? I assume its like safe mode for windows?..

Anyways, thanks to anyone who can help me, but please please please, dumb everything you say down. I have used windows my whole life and this is the first time ive tried a different OS.

Edit: My GPU is an HD Radeon 5770 1GB
My primary monitor is an Acer H233H and my secondary is a Samsung Syncmaster 206BW
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Re: [Input Not Supported on Bootup]

Post by Fafler »

Boot into Compatibility mode. Check you have a working network connection.

Now, you open a terminal and type


It should search for drivers and suggest the proprietary ATI drivers. Install it and hopefully everything should be fine.

You could also try out Ubuntu. It's pretty similar to Linux Mint so you'll get pretty much the same experience.
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