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Problem with Nvidia drivers

Posted: Sun Nov 20, 2011 3:37 am
by underline
Hy everyone,

I would like to get help to install the nvidia proprietary drivers on my "linux mint 11".

I've tried uninstalling the "nouveau" and blacklist it, but still could not get good results after installing the

the screen starts to show white squares and the gnome will not start. I can not even access to other terminals because they are illegible.

I could reformat my Linux Mint 11 if necessary, because I really like the "GNU/Linux" project.

Can anyone help me?

Sorry by english, I'm Brazilian

Re: Problem with Nvidia drivers

Posted: Sun Nov 20, 2011 7:52 am
by viking777
Well I use sgfxi which you can install with one single command, just copy and paste into a root terminal:

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cd /usr/local/bin && wget -Nc && chmod +x sgfxi
To install the latest driver all you do is

to get you into a virtual terminal (you have to log in as user 'root' but with your normal user password) (see edit below) then type:

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sgfxi -B
if you want the latest beta driver

press enter and that is it, it does the rest for you, an absolutely brilliant script.

It can do an awful lot more than that, but those are the basics. To learn more go to:

There is one problem that comes up on LMDE (maybe not Mint 11, not sure) but if you get updates to xorg then you may have to reinstall the nvidia driver, but the process is so quick and easy that it really isn't a problem.

Edit Feb 2013. It has been a long time since I used sgfxi, but it still works perfectly, I just tried it again on Ubuntu 12.10 (which was running nouveau). The only difference I experienced from the procedure above was in the virtual terminal login. Logging in as 'root' with a user password didn't work for me this time. If it doesn't work for you the procedure is as follows. Login with your usual username and password then run the command:

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sudo passwd root
Enter a password for the root account (twice) then run the command

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And login with the root password. After that proceed as normal.

The script does tell you this, but I will repeat it here just in case you don't read it. If after rebooting the graphics look wrong it has probably booted using the fallback vesa mode. In order to correct this run 'sgfxi' again from the virtual terminal which will tidy up any remaining errors and complete install of the nvidia driver. Start the desktop as directed by the script.