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Linux Mint Search Income

Post by odo5435 »

I've always been a DuckDuckGo fan and was pleased to learn that Mint now earns income through its use. I'm also an Opera fan and have added DDG as the go-to S/E in that browser using the string <> following advice in a thread that I cannot now re-locate.

Further reading brought me to @AlbertP's post (No.3) in Duck Duck Go, Chrome and revenue for Linux Mint.

I seem to recall, however, that the reason Mint moved to DDG and Yahoo as recommended Search Engines is because Google weren't playing fair with passing on generated income. Which leads me to now wonder whether just the addition of <t=lm> to DDG in any browser (especially Google) will, in fact, have the desired outcome.

I suppose my question is "Is it the Search Engine or the Browser that actually pays out?"

Also, would adding <t=lm> to Yahoo Search in any browser also generate income for Mint the same way as it does in DuckDuckGo?
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Re: Linux Mint Search Income

Post by Mohr »

Google as a sponsor is past for Linux Mint? Is that true?

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