mint special google search page....

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Re: mint special google search page....

Postby alpha1 » Wed Aug 11, 2010 3:11 am

I am all for Linux Mint google searches.
But why don't we try searching for "review" - as pointed out by someone else.

Whta results do you get?

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Re: mint special google search page....

Postby vincent » Wed Aug 11, 2010 3:29 am

dragonfly310 wrote:About the last FACT that I bolded: When I first opened firefox, it took me to the Ubuntu Firefox start page. Since Mint is a variant of Ubuntu, would Mint get the proceeds from that homepage if I searched with that page using Mint as my OS?

I don't know for sure, but I don't think so. Since you probably kept the same Firefox profile when you switched from Ubuntu to Mint (~/.mozilla), that would explain why your home page is defaulting to Ubuntu's default home page and not Mint. If you want to change it though, here's the page you want:
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Re: mint special google search page....

Postby psarhjinian » Thu Sep 02, 2010 8:47 pm

Reactivating this thread:

I'm having an identical problem. If I search for results using the Mint-ized search box at the upper right I'll not consistently get results. For example:
  • "linux mint" gets a normal list of results
  • "linux mint review" gets a did not match any documents
  • "linux mint revview" works fine

I've yet to find if any other search keywords do this. I tried with a fresh install and also tried a fresh .mozilla folder.

If I edit the search string;

...and add a "+test" after "+review" it works fine.

Now, if I have:

it fails. If I prepend with +test it works; if I suffix it, it still fails.

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Re: mint special google search page....

Postby Zleep-Dogg » Mon Dec 20, 2010 4:36 pm

Just to make it clear.. it is easily possible to have both the "mint-edition" and "original" google side by side...

For each firefox profile, where you wish to have his:
  1. go to
  2. find the google search you wish (for instance for your own country)
  3. click to add it and you're good to go....
The plugin will now reside in ~/.mozilla/firefox/[FF profile]/searchplugins/google-[your_choice].xml

If you wish to add this to the default for all users (all the same places mint does), copy it to the following folders (requires root):

Code: Select all


doing this of course means that they won't autoupdate, unless you actually run FF as root (which for obvious reasons can't be recommended)...

Being a new mint-user (LMDE, started yesterday), I have already found plenty of things that are IMO far superior compared to the Ubuntu i (once again) left behind (and of course a few minor issues such as this one).
If only the google functionalities were complete it would be fine with the branded version, but I guess seeing as it's on google's hands it's hard to do something about that fact... I do however agree with some previous posters that (as long as it's not a "full replacement") it shouldn't replace the original search plugin, but instead add itself as eg. "google mint" and then be the default search engine, so the user can switch easily...
Oh, and regarding mint revenue, if I'm as happy about mint in a couple of months as I am now, I'll probably test the donate button :)

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Re: mint special google search page....

Postby bengilna » Thu Jun 30, 2011 10:08 am


Just another voice to this well-filled thread, probably repeating what several others have said (consider it a vote, then).

1. A huge THANKS for Mint. Its been my first introduction to Linux, and I don't want to look back. Kudos to you.

2. The Minty google search bar and results page is really clunky - ironic, when so much else in Mint looks and works quite smoothly. "Elegance" is part of your slogan, no?

I have unfortunately removed the Mint engine and put back the original. I'd love to help revenue streams on this distro (this service, in fact, because that's what you are doing for me), but if I am going to google (these days I am more often using for increased coverage), I am googling for the familiar functionality its results page offers.

3. Constructive feedback (again, you've perhaps gotten it from others, but I just can't take the time to read through all the posts):

- line up the "image", "scholar", etc etc links, the search options (e.g. "last week" "last year", etc) and a link to settings discretely but clearly on the results page. I use these often (e.g. switch between web, image and scholar), and I want to pilot that from the results not the tiny box (with the irritation of a dropdown menu) up the top.

- for god's sake man! Reduce the size of that Mint logo!! (hyperbole for dramatic effect only)

Generally, it doesn't have to be exactly the same as the original google, but the functionality should be obvious and "right there" on the page.

4. I also think you are missing an opportunity to value-add to this engine. You could have, for example, links to linux help boards, forums, repositories, etc as well - a "linux stuff" link in amongst "image" "video" etc. This would be very useful (I find myself googling for solutions/guidance as a noobie very often). Maybe a link to torrents, too.

Perhaps, too, the option to load several different favorite locales (e.g. for me, an Australian working in Norway, I could use "vanilla" google,, and all at the easy click of a link). Maybe even different profiles - e.g. one for work with "strict" filtering for work, and one profile that is more relaxed about such matters. (God. Did I just write that out loud?)

Anyway, offering that kind of utility would be something that makes googling in Mint a plus, over and above other distros and OS choices - not a bad thing, no?

Right now, the "costs" of using this Mint google outweigh the benefits (that, let's be frank, are directly to you and only indirectly to us). It has to be more seamless.

All the above offered in the spirit of constructive feedback.

Good luck, and thanks again!


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Re: mint special google search page....

Postby drcasper » Fri Aug 19, 2011 4:34 am

If you dont mind typeing in the search box than this is the solution I used:

Code: Select all

1    Visit
2    Enter "" (without quotes) for Search URL
3    Enter “My Google” (without quotes), or whatever name you want, but not the name already existed in Firefox search engines
4    Click “Create Plugin”
5    Then, you will see that your search bar icon is highlighted.
6    Add the search engine plugin to your Firefox.

Reference link:

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Re: mint special google search page....

Postby mintt » Sun Aug 21, 2011 3:32 am

hopetoregistersoon wrote:what's the big fuss people???
click on the google logo, from the drop down menu select original google

There is only one google dropdown option, which on the mint branded firefox, defaults to the crippled mint google search, which like all non-google search providers is limited in functionality (mint comes with the Mint supplied FF branding - not the stock firefox branding).

If mint search had it's own provider icon / search option, mint search could still ship as default, but with a simple change to stock google via the dropdown list, with no tweaking or special addons etc., required.

Most people here seem to object to the lack of choice, with no simple selection for the layman. If there was a default "Mint" search icon (that still used google) at least this would be a simple option for the average user. "Mint" search could still be the default search in this case, and would generate revenue etc., as it does now but without the undeserved acrimony.


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