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My First Impressions on Linux Mint

Posted: Wed Jun 25, 2008 11:57 am
by srini2174
First of all I would like to thank Linux Mint team for a wonderful Release. This is the first time I am installing Linux Mint on my machine. Previously I had Fedora installed in my machine. I had serious performance issues with Fedora 9 so I decided that it was time that I shifted to a new distro and I chose Linux Mint to replace it (I am a Fedora user since the days of Redhat). I was pretty much impressed with the performance when compared to Fedora. I was also pretty much impressed with the mint tools. I have some minor irritants as well on the installation which I thought I could share, so that you could make this distro much more user friendly and complete

1) I had a boot partition left over from the previous fedora installation. I enabled the option to install the bootloader onto this partition. But to my surprise I found that this was not done. I am not a newbie to linux hence I managed to get mint booted in this configuration after investing a bit of my time, but for a newbie this would be a problem.

2) I didn't have enough applications on the CD to choose from. I had to install skype, Gizmo, Acrobat Reader, netbeans etc. After my netbeans installation (From the software portal) I had an error which said "unable to find JDKHOME/lib/tools.jar" . I don't know if it had got something to do with the packaging. I fixed it by creating a launcher for netbeans with the --jdkhome option (I was unable to find the menu editor to edit the netbeans command in the menu)

3) The default installation serious lacks the development tools like Code:Blocks, netbeans. I would be good if these packages are also included in the future release. May be there should be a DVD version.

3)I am a fan of KDE and I waited long enough in the hope that I would get the KDE edition, but in the end I had to settle for the GNOME version. May in the future if the KDE and GNOME editions are made available at the same time it would be much more helpful for KDE fans like me. I am totally clueless in the GNOME version and far more comfortable with the KDE edition.

Overall I love linux mint and I am seriously thinking of contributing to the linux mint community in the near future (I am a C++ developer). I hope that one day linux mint should be replacing Windows XP on my machine.


Re: My First Impressions on Linux Mint

Posted: Wed Jun 25, 2008 2:51 pm
by dnmint
I agree. The system looks good, Help is excellent & prompt.
I am not a developer, but I will be an active User & promoter of Mint
Thanks, all of you who are doing a great service
:D :D :!: :!: