Mint 7 on an old Thinkpad in 2013

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Mint 7 on an old Thinkpad in 2013

Post by tpprynn »

Though experienced with Linux since 2008 and currently using Mint 13 and 15 on two machines, I've experimented to the point of exhaustion with an IBM T22 that came with Windows 2000. I couldn't ignore it on eBay for £25, but newer editions of Mint and Xubuntu/Lubuntu have problems with DVD video that I've not been able to get round. Many other distros have either been buggy or have grim font rendering. The Gnome edition of Mint 7 works very well, about as well as Windows 2000. Mint 9 didn't though the repositories still worked, and 8 I haven't tried. I really only want this as a word processor and DVD player so the fact that the distro is dead is not a great problem but I wondered if I have any other options for making it safe online if security is any real issue.

I have gone online with it a couple of times using sites with no logging in, no passwords or vulnerable data. In Linux some people don't even turn a firewall on do they? Ufw seems off by default for example. I see reference to some people still clinging to Ubuntu 8.04 too.

Is security pretty much still only a theoretical problem even when using an old Linux distro?

I think there were dependency issues with trying to add new versions of Chrome and Opera, but as a layman more or less I don't know if it's only the browser that creates the security risk. Is it? Is it possible to get any access to later repositories somehow or will that only break the system?

I did see that there was slight improvement using DVDs with Xubuntu and Lubuntu if I added an even lighter DE, but it was still unuseable. Debian 6 almost worked yet there was a crazily elaborate procedure for enabling the non-free audio firmware which I failed to master two or three times and I've presumed Debian 7 would be the same aggravation. Mint Debian live DVDs will not proceed on this machine.

Anything relevant I haven't thought of?


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Re: Mint 7 on an old Thinkpad in 2013

Post by cwsnyder »

First, if you want to go on-line, drop the fat desktops and go for Xfce, LXDE, Enlightenment or lighter if you have less than 512M RAM, then try Mint 13 or 15 again.

Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron was dropped for server security updates, I believe only in April 2013, which is why you may still find some chatter about that version. Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid is still being supported for servers and some security updates, but not for the desktop version.

And, yes, Debian DOES NOT easily support non-free drivers, period.

Puppy Linux or one of the specialty distros would probably enable you to get on line with 128M RAM and be up-to-date, but may not be able to fit in LibreOffice/OpenOffice, and I don't remember any support for watching DVD movies. AbiWord should work, however.
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Re: Mint 7 on an old Thinkpad in 2013

Post by Pierre »

I have mint 5 LTS on a laptop that got upgraded from 256Mb to 512Mb,
- which has only basic uses - it does occasionally get used online, too.

try anti-X on your PC:-

- it's designed for low spec PCs.
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