Informative speech on Linux

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Informative speech on Linux

Postby violinwarlord » Wed Oct 30, 2013 11:54 am

For a competitive speech class, I have to do an informative speech. I decided to do it on Linux (Especially Mint). How do I put the information without losing the interest of the audience? I am a computer guy, but that doesn't mean everybody in the audience is. I will start with an anecdote on what made me switch to Linux, I have no clue how I will go from then.

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Re: Informative speech on Linux

Postby Orbmiser » Wed Oct 30, 2013 12:39 pm

Create yourself a Outline of areas you wish to cover?
And a good table of Bullet points to cover.

Windows vs. Linux.
..Cost issues of proprietary vs. Free and Open source alternatives.
..Security Issues
..Privacy Issues
..Open Source culture & Meaning.
..Free Software in the modern day covering issues that deal with present in the news issues NSA,Government,etc..
that have people concerned about their privacy.
..Present Linux impact on their lives now. Like where Linux is used now.
Many Scientific communities like NASA,Medicine and even
stories about whole cities government & schools in Europe & Canada & Great Britain switching to linux.

Bring up little things like how their phone runs linux a.k.a Android. Or Airports,Kiosks time-tables are running linux.
That they are touched by Linux everyday in every way going about their daily lives.

You need to keep these short and don't drop into the vat of long drawn out minutiae. 2mins tops for any specific section.
Good outlined bullet points and notes. Don't try to read from one continuous article of words.

No expert here but kinda of like the way I would present it to a group.
Maybe someone more experienced can chime in with clearer direction on this.

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Re: Informative speech on Linux

Postby DrHu » Wed Oct 30, 2013 2:46 pm

Depends on the audience; what do they expect to learn about computers or any OS

Try and pitch it to their level; if they aren`t that interested in the details of an OS, simplify it for them, you can always use analogies (to common shared ideas or objects)

--for example, even though it would benefit people to understand FHS (File hierarchy Standard) or in the windows environment, the standard locations (can depend on the win version used, XP, win7, win8 etc) of files and perhaps the importance of organizing your data, many people will turn off

I guess their immediate question is WHY do I need to know, doesn`t the OS know what I want it to DO
--nope is the correct answer

You could also have a look at teacher guides
--they make be of some help,'Teacher+ ... a061958603
--the example below is lower grade and for MACIntosh, but could apply otherwise..

And the generic internet guides (wiki(s)) that are available to ALL

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