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Re: /Home Partition vs no /Home Partition discussion

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There are just as many ways to go as there are users to select them, more or less. Choose the solution that works best for you.
In example, if you have a large music collection on your HDD, make a separate partition for that, as USB transfer speeds are not good enough for 10GB ++ (or it is, but it can take a while). I keep a separate home partition, just so I can keep my documents and various files (some large virtual disks among them), but when I am ready for a fresh install I will delete all configuration folders. This solution works best for me, as I spread out my files in my entire Home directory, something else could work better for you, though...
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Re: /Home Partition vs no /Home Partition discussion

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Land Locked wrote:From what I've read and understand here now, it seems a separate partition for my documents and media is the way to go rather than a home partition.
or even a separate disk.,... just start reading up on or chmod and chown syntax

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