Questions about the project and the distribution - obviously no support questions here please
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Post by Dawn »


Ubuntu does have a alternate CD, that can be installed on a verry old
laptop: 266 Mhz 160 Mb ram.

Normal CD's crache when the installer starts.
The alternate CD runs fine, and install Kubuntu 6.10 Edgy.
No problem... OK it's slower than a nieuw computer, but it runs
an can be used perfectly to internet and typ a letter ect.

Is it possible to make an alternate for Mint.....
I think there are more users waiting for this alternative.
Not everyone hase a nieuw computer.. My wife uses a laptop,
and is crasy about the Mint-menu end Config, but the installer won't work.
She uses now Kubuntu-alternate.. This one works for her.
But she realy wants Mint Bianca.........

Maybe an idee... dus anyone like this at all???


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Post by Boo »

Yes a good idea.
I have an EPIA file server that can only use alternate to install. later on this system will be used as a front end media box so an alternate version would be cool.
Now where was i going? Oh yes, crazy!


Post by minter_dk »

i am working on a textbase installer for Mint it will be build on ubuntu5.10 installer and be config so it runs in Bianca

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