Members are the LifeBlood of Mint

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Members are the LifeBlood of Mint

Postby trippboxer » Tue Dec 05, 2006 12:25 am

In case of Mint getting shut down I have an idea about how to further Mint.

1. the developers keep making Mint.
2. all members of the forums keep copies of the latest Mint.
3. the developers keep all of our listed email address for contact points.
4. everybody seeds Mint through torrents.
5. members stay in touch through a common forum on the net if Mint gets shut down.

If Mint gets shut down for the codecs (which is necessary for everyday computing) then the members can become the lifeblood of Mint by basically keeping it going.

Just an idea.................


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Some might laugh...

Postby helios » Tue Dec 05, 2006 7:58 am

But I and many others are not laughing. It has happened to several other distro's and the developers of mint or any other project might not feel it in their best interests to tell the community about a cease and desist order...

You have a good idea.

I am not a FOSS purist, although I strongly believe in the prinicples dictated by the movement. The two are not at odds as one might think....pragmatic thought tends to befuddle most zealots.

I am doing as you suggested by making backup copies, torrents and the such. Look for my post on this subject board for more about who I am and why I have the audacity to say the things I do.


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