Energy Saving, Screensaver, ACPI

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Energy Saving, Screensaver, ACPI

Post by maxi84 » Sun Feb 19, 2017 2:07 pm

To all the developers of any OS and and any desktop environment... PLEASE READ MY SIGNATURE :P

On battery, I'm able to understand the standard settings, but connected to a charger, or on a desktop computer, those settings are usually hideous. :oops:

:arrow: :arrow: :idea:
If any Mint-Developer reads this, my personal opinion is, during the installation, and/or after the first boot after an OEM install, there should be a setup page shown, to set up energy saving and screensaver options.

:mrgreen: Thanks for trying to save the planet by saving electricity, but most people just hate the standard adjustments. :mrgreen:
Please change standards to activate annoying features like "screensaver" and "energy saving" remember, lots of idiots live on our planet too, they might stop to bother me about soccer matches interrupting every few minutes.

Hoser Rob
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Re: Energy Saving, Screensaver, ACPI

Post by Hoser Rob » Sat Feb 25, 2017 11:14 am

ANother rant ... at least it isn't a novel this time. NO dev is going to waste his or her time with this. You're using a really old AMD card and it sounds like the open source video driver is buggy. Which is quite common with old AMD cards. Nothing Mint or Ubuntu devs can do about that.

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