Feedback KDE 2.2

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Feedback KDE 2.2

Postby GaTk » Mon Apr 30, 2007 2:39 pm

Did install..updated...upgraded... WORKS GREAT> except for the usual GRUB Mess. As a distro junkie, with currently 5 different distros , WINXP and WIN98 scattered over 3 IDE drives I have been victimized many times by errant GRUB installations. The biggest problems,I think, is the wrong assumption that everyone installs on hda (most newcomers think drive C)... and worse yet,if preventative steps aren't taken, the install will typically trash the MBR on hda. I installed MiniKDE on /devhdb7 and changed the GRUB load statement from (hd0) to (fd0) and the GRUB install created a diskette which loaded the new installation. I used the menu.lst from the boot directory to add the MintKDE distro to my working GRUBCONF in a separate partition on hdc1 I boot using a trusty diskette that I have had since installing Fedora FC4.

Most of the major distros have had this problem forever... and as a result the forums are flooded with anguished pleas for help. I suspect many newcomers have just gone back to their previous operating system.

Must say that wireless and multimedia work very well from 1st boot.


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Postby Husse » Mon Apr 30, 2007 6:06 pm

Welcome to Mint GaTk
I don't have personal experience of grub trouble (but I only have dual boot on one disk on two separate computers), but reading forums as much as I do I'll say amen to your "lament" about grub.
I downloaded the KDE version when I finally got a DVD burner. Must say it looks nicer than the gnome version but I'll probably stay on gnome....
Don't fix it if it ain't broken, don't break it if you can't fix it

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