Poll: How do you use Linux Mint?

Questions about the project and the distribution - obviously no support questions here please

How do you use Linux Mint?

As a unique OS on my main PC
As a unique OS on my secondary PC
Dual boot with Windows
Dual boot with another Linux distro
Live USB version
Live and Persistent USB version
Other ways
Total votes: 358

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Re: Poll: How do you use Linux Mint?

Post by KnT83 »

actually, i`ve Mint 7 32 bit as main OS in my laptop, and in my desktop as "secondary" because Photoshop, Premiere and Flash only run fine in Windows, but when im not working or i dont need them i use Mint 7 64 for almost everything.

so i answered "other ways"

sorry about my english, grettings from Valparaiso, Chile
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Re: Poll: How do you use Linux Mint?

Post by GrayWizardLinux »

Welcome aboard!
Linux Mint - Pure Bliss!

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Re: Poll: How do you use Linux Mint?

Post by JahBless »

bien venido hermano! si necesitas ayuda, solo hace una pregunta :wink: cuidate

One World, One Soul,
One Love, Jah Bless!

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Re: Poll: How do you use Linux Mint?

Post by Hammerlee »

I have only Mint on my PC. I bought a second hand PC for £75, it had XP which was in such a state I knew it would need a new OS. A Windows OS would have cost me about the same as the PC. So I did the research on the best Linux for newbies, downloaded Mint. WOW. For my simple needs it is perfect, so fast and pretty. It is now installed on my little boy's laptop for one reason - Potato Guy! So no more waiting for the AV scan to finish, no more restarting and restarting and restarting for every single update.

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Re: Poll: How do you use Linux Mint?

Post by BoscoBearbank »

Currently multibooting (in alphabetical order): Fedora 11, Fedora 12, Ubuntu 9.10, Mint 8, Vista, and Windows 7. Other than the usual messing around with xorg.conf to display a 1680x1050 desktop, installation of Mint 8 RC1 went smoothly.

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Re: Poll: How do you use Linux Mint?

Post by wob »


I am on Linux in last two years, and on Linux Mint since Felicia. I am still running Felicia and looking forward for Helena final release.
I am running Mint as only one OS on my main machine. I don't need dual-boot, and a long time ago, I said Goodbye to Microsoft. I started Linux testing maybe 5-6 years ago, but somehow I was afraid just to switch to Linux. Some time I had dual-boot XP and (SuSE, PCLinux OS, Ubuntu, etc...). But after some time, I have realized that I really don't need Windows anymore. All software I need for everyday work I can find on Linux too, and the best thing, it is FREE!!!
So this is how I use Linux Mint = One and ONLY.
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Re: Poll: How do you use Linux Mint?

Post by Matt3223 »

I use a MacBook as my main computer. Dual-boot Mint 7 with OS X.
I've got an old Dell Dimension 4100 hanging on from around 2001 that I have Mint 7 as the OS.

Basically, I will always have one mac computer around the house because I like them. The the rest of the computers...netbook another laptop or whatever will run Mint.

Usage of Mint at this point is mainly for the sake of learning Linux from my average user perspective as well as supporting Linux when I can.
I also use it to play what games I can find. (Eschalon Book I at the moment.)

I've installed Mint on two of my coworkers laptops who came to me with Windows problems. (dual-booted). I told them they could play around with Mint for casual internet use and use it as a safety valve if Windows dies again or gets some virus.

Will be interesting to see what they think after a month or two.

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Re: Poll: How do you use Linux Mint?

Post by Ingenuitas »

I agree wholeheartedly. I have also tried all the distros on your list. If you had to pick a #2, who would it be? I think I'd go with PCLinux OS (and make Fedora my least fav)
ZekeMenuar wrote:
After trying:
Mepis x64
PCLinux OS
and a few others I can't recall. Mint is the best of the bunch. Especially for those of us that are good at Windoze and bad at Linux.

Keep up the good work.


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Re: Poll: How do you use Linux Mint?

Post by bobcollard »

Linux Mint is my main distro, my anchor. It is everything, my entertainment applications, my main E-mail, browsing, all contacts with the forums I am on and even television on the Internet. The other half of my drive I use for testing new distros and keeping up with the times. I have only had this computer for six months and ran many distros on it until I settled on Linux Mint just recently. Before that I had an eMac which I have turned over to my wife. She is a teacher's assistant and they use Apples at school. Nothing against Bill Gates, but, Windows Sux.
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Re: Poll: How do you use Linux Mint?

Post by meskarune »

Arch linux is my main OS on my desktop computer. I also have mint, bsd and windows 7 installed. I run windows xp in a virtual machine under arch, mostly to do japanese homework.

On my laptop I have mint fluxbox edition.
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Re: Poll: How do you use Linux Mint?

Post by confused.brit »

Desktop: Linux mint Felicia (Gnome and compiz right now, may change later) dual booting with Win7 RC
The reason for the Win7 is I am a student, and need Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Acess 2007 (urgh) for my course. Its going to go Win7 Pro soon, as I get upgrade ed. for £30 as a student, rather then having to shell out loads for an XP, or break the law. Adobe Design Premium suite cost me enough!

I only boot into windows when i need those apps.

Laptop: Linux mint Gloria with LXDE as sole os
Laptop is mostly used for web surfing with a bit of openoffice when i want to type my homework from the comfort of my living room.
Its also the only PC that I allow other people to use, and noone has any issues with the switch from Windows to Mint. Firefox still works the same. Their websites still work the same. They can read their word documents in openoffice, and write them, and save them easily enough, in a format their microsoft office can still read. So to them its just a prettier windows. I have converted a couple of people to Mint this way ^_^

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Re: Poll: How do you use Linux Mint?

Post by z1000000 »


From last weekend I only have Mint 8 on this laptop. Before then I had Mint 7 running with CrunchBang also loaded. I guess like most users I dual booted with Windows for a while until I knew I could live without XP. Once Windows was gone I've run Ubuntu for a while, until I found I preferred Mint.

Mint is just so easy and natural to use. I get a little upset when people say it's the best distro for Newbies, (it is and I am one). Of course I don't want to be a Newbie for ever, and that's my problem with Mint. It's just so easy and well set up I'm not learning much about Linux as I'm not having any problems.

So I try to learn and have tried and still try different distros. I want to give BSD or Solaris a go too but so far I haven't got one to run. I guess I will have to get a second older machine and use that as a test machine like others here do.

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Old box died, used an older one with XP and built a new one.

Post by conslie »

While wavering between waiting for W7 or going through the hassle of talking to some phone jockey to authorize using the XP2 disk and the subsequent hours of aggravation, I decided to re-explore Linux. Tried this and that, but when I booted the Mint7 LiveCD it was like entering another, far better world. A bit of culture shock and installing meant a learning curve, but it does nearly everything even better, and getting the one written-for-m$ to work has been pretty successful under Wine. Color me quite happy.

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Re: Poll: How do you use Linux Mint?

Post by joutlan »

I use it on my Vostro notebook as the main OS....I also work from it, using an XP virtual machine (VB). So, it's more than a 'hobby'
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Re: Poll: How do you use Linux Mint?

Post by MALsPa »

Currently dual-booting Mint with Mepis on my main pc.

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Re: Poll: How do you use Linux Mint?

Post by neo21 »

Using Mint 7 64bit as my every day OS for work and multi media. Just like the ease of use, the design & eye candy and the mint tools. Tried serveral Linux distris and sticked to Debian/Mint. What I like about the Gnome desktop in general is the uncluttered "dumbed down" interface that doesnt get into your way and is very unintrusive (did someone say KISS :)

But I am still keeping a Windows partition (XP) for gaming (I think of Windows as a leisure gaming appliance ;-)

...Linux Mint 8 is also installed exclusively on one of my subnotebooks and runs great (battery life on par with xp)

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Re: Poll: How do you use Linux Mint?

Post by mamamia88 »

i use it as my main os on my 17" laptop. on my netbook i use windows 7. i like linux but i still keep windows around if i want to watch an episode of house or somethig that won't play on linux.

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Re: Poll: How do you use Linux Mint?

Post by ysNoi »

I installed it as my Host OS and used VBox for my other OS...

I think LinuxMint Helena is much lighter than Ubuntu so I guess I'll be loving it too...

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Re: Poll: How do you use Linux Mint?

Post by Kendall »

I'm using a very early development build of Helena Fluxbox CE as my main OS on the only computer I own. I primarily use it to develop the Helena Fluxbox CE and check my twitter.
Former Mint Fluxbox/LXDE and Peppermint OS guy.
Senior developer for Ringfree Communications Inc.
Avid trail and ultra runner.

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Re: Poll: How do you use Linux Mint?

Post by spider2097 »

Hi! I've not been using Mint too long (about 6/7 months now) as the main OS on my Asus netbook. My main desktop PC runs Vista (never had a problem with it, altho I know quite a few people who have) as I need to run a form of Windows for my Games Designer course. After my Vaio laptop died I picked up a cheap netbook so I could surf in bed :lol: the packaged distro with the netbook (Xandros) didn't "feel" right to me. In fact, the default option of the "Easy" GUI was far too "childish" for my liking (I felt it made the thing look like a kids toy). After trying a severely tweaked version of XP (which worked extremely well, up until trying to add any software/SP's), I went distro hopping....

Asus EeePC 4G, 2Gb RAM, 4Gb SSD (7" screen)

Cut a long story short, nothing worked "just right". I had various live DVD's/CD's coming out of my ears looking for an OS that clicked for me.

And then I found Mint after hearing very good things about Mint 4. Of course, this was just after Gloria had been released. Have to admit, didn't like the loading screen but once it was loaded I was pretty much speechless. The "Dew" wallpaper blew me away. The desktop had everything where I expected it to be. (admittedly, this may be a throwback to the fact I was essentially migrating away from Windows BUT I consider this to be a good thing). Various app windows scaled properly, wifi & sound working straight away, in fact, pretty much everything just worked in the way I expected it to.

My netbook is now running Mint 8 "Helena" quite happily & am slowly getting back into the *nix way of doing things. Once I sort out my Vaio's power issue, that will be running a form of Mint (possibly a KDE variant, but that's undecided just yet). I am considering building another desktop to run a home-based PC that is Mint based for all my recreational use.

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