Future Releases (No more GNOME???)

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Re: Future Releases (No more GNOME???)

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MargaretA wrote:This is the first time I've ventured out of the beginners' forum, so I'll apologize in advance if what I say makes no sense...

Mint 10 is the first Linux distro I've been able to install successfully. Before this I tried Ubuntu's netbook version. I could never get the desktop to display properly; all it ever showed was the background. If I moved the mouse around I could see empty boxes, and clicking on them would open things, but it was all hit or miss. I tried reinstalling, more than once, with no change.
MargaretA, I had the same problem. Read my two previous posts and the proposed fixes in this thread. It's a graphics compatibility issue. I also have an ATI but there is a way around it.

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