Feedback on Bianca beta

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Feedback on Bianca beta

Postby Peakpc » Sat Feb 03, 2007 9:46 pm

Over all I like it! very much. That having been said...hear is my list of comments:
1. still have to work at getting wifi (refer to :cry:
2. mintDisk is great for running on CD but once the OS is loaded I like to be able to name my dives something other than "hda2..etc.." so I turned it off and mounted them with fstab. :?
3. mintMenu, I never did like the slab style menu even in XP, I would always set to "classic" style, so for me the "menu bar" is more to my liking. 8)
4. I can confirm the Grub bug of not listing other OSes when duel booting, I had to edit the config file to recover. :(
5. Panel transparency if set with the Bianca theme produces mixed results (some panel areas stay opaque, however Bea panels worked well and I kind of liked the rounded window corners so I used the Bea theme with Bianca icons (I do like them) and that works for me. :shock:
6. mintConfig although somewhat redundant I do like it. Very good layout 8)
7. Would like to see webuilder added, easy to get, but it would add some uniqueness to the distro. :)
8. Although I just got Bea working the way I liked it, I set it aside and loaded Bianca to see how I would like that (and I do) I will be much happier when I can just upgrade instead of starting all over. I wonder if I will be able to upgrade if I am using XGL and Beryl? I haven't made up my mind if the eye candy is worth the pain and effort (or the overhead) but that is another subject altogether. :lol:
9. mintDesktop, This I like very much, I can clear the desktop so I can see webuilder pictures better (minimalist at heart) 8)

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Postby clem » Sun Feb 04, 2007 7:11 am


2. check the /usr/lib/linuxmint/mintDisk/aliases file.. :)
4. ok, thanks for the feedback on that.
8. there is an upgrade path and it will soon be documented. From Bea to Bianca you will be able to upgrade without downloading the ISO.

Thanks for the feedback.

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Multi-User problem

Postby Remy » Mon Feb 12, 2007 5:33 am

Hello Clem,

Satisfied with setup of Bianca, I created an account for my wife.
Well it went bad !
Rights problems : couldn't access some functionnalities.
The Bianca Menu never came (named "System" ?).
When I tried to insert another "min menu" applet, it never appeared, but inserted a sort of divider on the task bar, which I couldn't get rid of.

and as I search to repair, I broke more things ...
On the BEA, I found no problems at all.
Maybe an issue here.

I found the automatic creation of "My documents", "my pictures" ... unuseful.

I deleted also the line "/usr/games/fortune" in bash.bashrc. As a frenchman, I didn't catch most of the jokes.
Maybe it could be a setting.

Keep courage.
Your work really goes in the right way !

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