Discord server Linux mint community ban appeals

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Discord server Linux mint community ban appeals

Post by c3x64 »

It's very unusual, but for some reason, I have been banned, and I have no way of know what for, when, where, or even talk to staff , I have feeling it was either mistake, or mod runaway, either way I couldn't find anything or anyone to appeal this ban, as it's completely out of nowhere, if i said something wrong, I would like to at least know what I said wrong? If anyone had similar problem I would appreciate if you let me know, It's kinda awkward as I liked support discord server provided, and Liked being there, anyway, thank you for listening, take care!
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Re: Discord server Linux mint community ban appeals

Post by karlchen »

Hello, c3x64.

Are you talking about this website? Linux Mint Community
In case this is so, then, please, contact the forum administrators (the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of each page here in the forum), mention that you are talking about the Community website, your Community account name and what is you concern.
We, the forum users will not be able to help on this issue.

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