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Peter Linu
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Nordvpn login

Post by Peter Linu »

Every 6 months or so Nordvpn locks me out and asks for an email/password but doesn't say how to get it. This forces me to go to their chat page and ask for it. I've got it on my sacred paper scrap which sits forever under the monitor.

Terminal code: nordvpn login --legacy
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Re: Nordvpn login

Post by dave1953 »

I've used Nordvpn for a couple of years now and have never had this experience, so this is new to me. I normally install using only the terminal commands on the Web page pasted into terminal; ... x-Mint.htm

Next is sudo systemctl enable nordvpnd.service and sudo systemctl start nordvpnd.service.

Next step is to use the sudo usermod command provided to avoid having to sudo every time nordvpn is required

Next is to login, as you correctly say

sudo nordvpn login --legacy

Next enter nordvpn login and password credentials and..... there you have it. After next reboot the need to use sudo is no longer required for nordvpn connections.

Once all this has been done I have never been asked to change any login credentials, so the scenario you report would be a new experience for me.
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