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Desktop Screenshot of the day!

Post by Zwopper » Wed Mar 05, 2008 10:00 am

I was thinking that we could post screenshots of our desktops here, if for no other reason then to inspire each other! :D
Some info on the different details of the theme, background, icons etc would be nice.
I'll start!
This is how my desktop looks today, click the miniature for larger image:
Background is "Weird Cubistic Mint 2" by Yours truly! :P :oops: : ... 2-79162972
Icons are Delta Green FX: ... tent=75563
GDM-theme is a combination of:
Controls: ... 3617.shtml - and
Border: "Murrine Less Framed Icon": ... tent=54088
With the following settings on the "Colors" tab.
"Window": #E3DFD6
"Input boxes": #FFFFFF
"Selected items": #5E8156

I use the "New Murrine Configurator" to edit the color of the scrollbar in the "MurrineChameleon" theme:
More about the Murrine engine can be found here:
And more Murrine themes here:
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Re: Desktop Screenshot of the day!

Post by Husse » Fri Mar 07, 2008 7:51 am

I don't have time for anything but the standard desktop :)
Writing too many posts here :)
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