ATI Graphics with Mint 12 - My Solution

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ATI Graphics with Mint 12 - My Solution

Postby jackdaw » Sun May 06, 2012 1:53 pm

I've just spent 2 happy(!) days trying to get Linux Mint 12 to recognise my graphics card (HD2400) and monitor (Dell 22"). Mint installed OK, but did not recognise my monitor make/type and so worked only at 1024x768 or lower, being driven by Gallium. I searched the forums, tried all sorts of solutions directed at the ATI graphics, installed and deinstalled various drivers, reinstalled Linux Mint etc, but always with ATI drivers installed, got no further than startup, with "unable to display this video mode" appearing on the monitor, and making further progress very difficult.

I switched tack, and tried Ubuntu 12.04....several times.....exactly the same results! But my installation of PCinuxOS 2012.02 worked fine; card+monitor being properly recognised.......just Mint and Ubuntu being problematic.

I eventually had a brain-wave and investigated the monitor cable.....and found several pins not thru-connected. I tried my other cables and found one (of the 6) that had all 15 pins connected thru - tried it with the PC being used for Ubuntu 12.04, and voila - problem solved......all worked properly. Linux Mint 12 also then worked fine.

So I've no gripes about MInt 12 and might well upgrade from my existing v11.....with MATE of course! Tried Ubuntu 12.04 with Unity - didn't like it one bit, tried Ubuntu with Gnome 3 - not comfortable with it, tried Ubuntu with Gnome 2 - vaguely acceptable, but Mint Linux 12 with MATE takes the prize. Mind you, PClinux 2012.02 is very good too, and its LXDE version runs exceptionally well on my old laptop.

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Re: ATI Graphics with Mint 12 - My Solution

Postby xenopeek » Sun May 06, 2012 2:04 pm

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